Are Secret Lab Chairs Made in China?

Secret lab chairs are not made in China. However, secret lab chairs are manufactured in Singapore. This is something that a lot of users and buyers of the secret lab chair need to know of.

Are Secret Lab Chairs Made in China

When you are aware of this, it lets you know of the origin of the company and how much trust you can have in the product of the company.

Because when some buyers see that some specific products are made in a particular country, they tend to trust it more. The secret lab specializes in the manufacturing and creation of gaming chairs.

Where else are secret lab chairs manufactured (Explain their locations, address, and other things we need to know)

At the beginning of this article, I said that secret lab chairs are manufactured in Singapore. Now, you also need to understand that this is not the only place that the secret lab chairs are manufactured.

They also operate in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Secret lab manufacturing company was founded in 2014.

What they actually do is that they manufacture and create gaming chairs, I have already talked about this earlier in this article.

In the secret lab manufacturing company, they have all the chairs for viewing and demonstration at their showroom.

What this means is that even though you are not buying at the moment and you want to go take a look, in preparation for the one you will buy, you can actually go there and take a look and make plans on the exact one that you will buy.

I am going to write their address here also if you want to pay them a visit and see the amazing products that they have.

You can locate the secret lab at Secret lab chairs in Singapore via this address: Secretlab HQ @ B-CENTRAL 994 Bendemeer Road #03-07 Singapore 339943.

Their Telephone line is +65 6341 5032 (For general inquiries).  Also, you can reach them on +65 9680 9204 (Strictly for appointment inquiries) For call or WhatsApp.

You also need to know that this company was founded by Ian Alexander Ang (Co-founder), and Alaric Choo (Co-founder). This company was founded in Singapore; however, it was expanded within the United States in 2016, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Canada in 2017. South-East Asia region into the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea in 2019, and New Zealand in 2020.

Is a secret lab chair comfortable?

A secret lab chair is a very comfortable gaming chair that you can buy and use for your gaming and office activities. Despite how good and comfortable this chair is, some people love it while some people do not.

The fact that some people do not like this gaming chair does not mean it does not perform well while using it for gaming. To me, it is more than comfortable for gaming or office works.

You will not even feel like you are working while you are seating on the secret lab chair. It is a very comfortable chair that you cannot resist. It is a long-lasting chair that when you start making use of it before it starts to deteriorate, takes a very long time.

This is because of how durable this gaming chair is. It is among the best gaming chair that you can find out there in the market. While making use of this chair, you will notice that your back will not ache, you will not have back pains and then your butt will not hurt at all.

If you are still thinking that this chair is not comfortable, you need to have a re-think.

Are Secret lab chairs worth the money?

The secret lab chair is a high-quality chair that enables you to sit in a particular position for long-time gaming, or if you are using it for your office work, you are going to enjoy it. To answer the question if secret lab chairs are worth the money?

Of course! Secret lab chairs are worth the money 100%. You are not going to regret any purchase you have on the secret lab chairs. You can get a high-quality secret lab chair even under $500.

It is worth the money because you are paying less and you are getting something premium quality. It will be difficult to see something else that has this same price and quality.

The build quality of this chair is superb, the features it comes with are also very superb and it will serve you for as long as you keep using it well and not try to overload the chair.

If you are someone that does not earn so much money, or in other words, if you are looking for a budget gaming chair that still gives you a premium feel while you are making use of it, then this secret lab chair is what you should go for. It is definitely worth the money.

Even though you want to go for a higher-priced Secret lab chair, it is up to you. That is why I said that secret lab chairs are worth the money. You cannot expect anything less from this secret lab chair, even the ones that are priced low are still very dependable.

Secret lab chairs are really worth the money and you are not going to have any cause to regret getting one. A lot of gamers make use of these Secret lab chairs and they enjoy it so far, you should not have anything to be afraid of because of secret lab chairs.

How do you take care of a secret lab chair?

No matter how durable a piece of equipment is, if you do not take good care of it, it will suddenly start to deteriorate and eventually get damaged. Just take it as your human body, imagine not taking care of your body, you will see that it will start to deteriorate and you will start to fall sick.

The same thing applies to your secret lab chair, when you do not take good care of it, it starts to deteriorate. Let me show you how you can take care of your secret lab chair.

Wipe stains using a microfiber cloth

This is something that you need to do when you notice that there are stains on your secret lab leather chair. Make use of a microfiber cloth.

Doing this will make the cleaning process easier and you will not have to make use of any rag that you see that may even be dirty to clean your secret lab chair.

On days when you are not making use of your secret lab chair, you can simply take out your microfiber cloth and wipe your chair to remove all that dirt that could cause irritation or make the chair deteriorate.

Use leather cleaning products

Making use of fiber cloth alone to clean your leather chair may not be the best and it may not clean it 100% clean.

What you need to do is to make use of leather cleaning products that will enhance the cleaning and remove all the dirt and germs that your eyes cannot see.

This will also help to disinfect the chair and make it free from germs. This is a very good way to take care of your secret lab chair. If you keep on doing this, your secret lab chair will last longer than expected.

Do not go over the maximum weight limit

Different secret lab chairs have different weight limits; it is best you check the specifications or the manual before you sit on it. This will enable you to know how much weight is supposed to be on the chair.

If you overload your secret lab chair you may be making it deteriorate.

Do secret lab chairs peel?

To answer the question if the secret lab chairs peel; Secret lab chairs with the peel protection do not peel, obviously, this is because of the peel protection that it comes with. If you have a model that was made before the 2020 series, then it may peel because it does not come with the Peel Protection feature.

This is one thing that a lot of potential buyers of the secret lab chairs are asking. This is because no one wants to buy a secret lab chair that will end up peeling after some weeks of making use of it.

In the year 2019, Secret lab announced that a new feature, which is a very good feature, that feature is a new peel protection Guarantee for all its new 2020 series of chairs.

This is not applicable to all the chairs that were made in 2019. It starts with the new 2020 series. Secret Lab also extended its warranty to five years. With the new peel protection, you rest assured that the secret lab chair will not peel and it will be more durable for you.

Take note that if you have a secret lab chair that was manufactured before the new 2020 series, it will not come with the Peel Protection Guarantee.

To help prevent your old secret lab chairs from peeling, you can make use of the tips I shared above on how to take care of your secret lab chair.

Are Secret lab chairs ergonomic?

Secret lab chairs are ergonomic, what ergonomic means is that it is built specifically to reduce fatigue, back pain, backache, and butt pain when you are sitting on the chair for gaming or for work.

This is how you know an ergonomic chair. The secret lab chair is built for this particular purpose. Another way that you can know ergonomic chairs is that it is able to adjust the height of the chair to make it more comfortable for the users.

It is advisable that you make use of ergonomic secret lab chairs most especially If you will be sitting for so long in a particular position, the purpose is so that you do not end up having back pains, butt pains as well. It will also help to foster a better sitting posture. This is what you should expect from an ergonomic secret lab chair. The Secret lab Titan is one ergonomic chair that you can find and get for yourself for gaming or for office use.

Is secret lab the best gaming chair?

Yes! Secret lab chair is one of the best gaming chairs. The best kind of gaming chairs is those that are ergonomically built. It is ergonomically built so that you will be able to spend a long time sitting on the chair and at the same time you will not have back pains, fatigue, or even back strains.

This is something that you will get from an ergonomic chair. Secret lab chairs are the best gaming chairs, the reason is because of how it is ergonomic it is and how comfortable they will be when you are making use of the chair.


I have already written at the beginning of this article that the secret lab chairs are not made in China, I made it clear that they are a manufacturing company that produces and creates gaming chairs in Singapore, Asia.

After a few years, they expanded to other countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, etc. You can see how far this company has gone and how widespread the products are.

This is to show you how good the gaming chairs are and how remarkable they perform. You should be able to trust the brand at this point and see that they are for good and are here to serve you at their best.

If you want to get yourself a gaming chair that allows you to sit for a long period of time and still feel comfortable, then you should go for a Secret lab chair, they are very good and serve you a whole lot.