Does Chair Weight Capacity Matter?

Yes! Chair weight capacity matters a whole lot. The reason being that it helps you to know what you are to put on the chair so that you do not go against the weight capacity. If a chair has a weight capacity of 100 pounds, and you go ahead to put something greater than 100 … Read more

Can I Put My Papasan Chair Outdoor?

Yes! You can put your Papasan chair outdoor only if the kind of Papasan chair you have is the type that has a material that can withstand occasional rain, and also harsh winds. You have to make sure that the material is made of rattan furniture before you leave it outdoor. Rattan furniture is made … Read more

Is Sitting On A Wooden Chair Bad?

Sitting on a wooden chair is not bad, what is bad is actually sitting on a wooden chair for a very long period of time. Why I said it is bad is because it can cause an adverse effect on the body. Even though you are sitting in a good posture, because you are sitting … Read more

Is Sitting On The Edge Of A Chair Bad For You?

Sitting on the edge of a chair is not bad at all. Sitting on the edge of a chair makes you look so enthusiastic about a particular conversation. It is a posture filled with so much excitement and while you are sitting on the edge of the chair, the other person gets filled with suspense … Read more

Are Secret Lab Chairs Made in China?

Secret lab chairs are not made in China. However, secret lab chairs are manufactured in Singapore. This is something that a lot of users and buyers of the secret lab chair need to know of. When you are aware of this, it lets you know of the origin of the company and how much trust … Read more