How to Wash A Bean Bag Pillow

The need to wash your bean bag pillow will eventually arise, and even if you bought the bean bag pillow for your kid’s playroom, or for relaxing while watching TV, or for your pet to sleep on, it will become dirty eventually. Washing your bean bag pillow is a very easy way to keep it … Read more

Are Bean Bags Tacky? Find Out in 2022

Are you planning to buy a bean bag? Have you heard quite a lot of negative stories from people about bean bags? Do friends especially tell you bean bags are tacky, dowdy, shabby, and gives the home a poor taste? Are bean bags really tacky? No, they aren’t. Bean bags are not tacky. Bean bags … Read more

Dog Peed on Bean Bag: What to do?

The quickest hack is to toss some baking soda on the part where the dog pee appears and allow for the bean bag to dry in 2 or 3 days. You can then try to smell the area of the pee to see if it still smells. Step by step process of how to rid … Read more

Is it Okay to Sleep on a Bean Bag?

A lot of people like to use a bean bag because of its coziness and comfortability. Who wouldn’t appreciate some comfort, away from the usual mattress we know? So is it okay to sleep on a bean bag? Of course, you can sleep on your bean bag. The way bean bags are made, they are … Read more