Dog Peed on Bean Bag: What to do?

The quickest hack is to toss some baking soda on the part where the dog pee appears and allow for the bean bag to dry in 2 or 3 days. You can then try to smell the area of the pee to see if it still smells.

Step by step process of how to rid your bean bag of dog pee

The uric acid in piss gives pee the peculiar odor we know is harder to remove with cold water. Furthermore, vinegar lowers the pH of the water, while baking soda increases it.

  • Prepare a solution of baking soda and warm water in a tub.
  • Agitate the water so that you can have an even solution of water and baking soda.
  • Dip the bag in the water and make sure the parts that are stained are properly submerged.
  • Leave the bag in the solution for 15 to 20 minutes. This allows enough time to pass for the baking soda to break the uric acid in the urine down.
  • Next, take the bag. Wash thoroughly to eliminate the strong pH from the baking soda which may render the next step ineffective.
  • Rinse again with warm water.
  • Wash immediately with detergent.
  • Spread to dry.

It is recommended that you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the beanbag. Many beanbags come with a label indicating washing instructions like the temperature of the water and the type of detergent to be used.

Hence, regardless of the piss and odor problem always make sure to check on the label in other to treat the particular fabric accordingly.

Recommended products to buy to eliminate dog pee from your bean bag

Zero Odor-Laundry Odor Eliminator

This detergent is a concentrate that lasts long. It is also a fabric deodorizer that seems out the odor molecules in fabrics and eliminates them by binding with them. Two ounces per load – that’s four easy squirts is all you need to add to your wash.

Let’s say this could be the last assault on the odor problem of your beanbag.

Bonus effects – Zero Odor detergent deodorizes your machine at the same time.

Funkaway Odor Eliminator Beads

As the name suggests, this product is not a detergent. I recommend this for after your beanbag has been washed and dried out and for generally keeping your home pet-stink free.

If your dog keeps peeing in other furniture, you may think the beanbag too isn’t clear of smells yet. So why not just eliminate smells everywhere in the home?

Funkaway Odor Eliminator Beads can be placed in the areas where your dog roams in the house, where they sleep, in the attic, in the garage, anywhere there’s an unsavory, funky stink, funk it away!

It works on a wide range of smells; smoke smells, car scents, bathroom stinks, and so forth.

Rocco & Roxie stain and odor eliminator

This product removes dogs’ urine and stain. This product practically tackles all animal and organic stains and stinks.

We recommend spot cleaning alone since it is sprayed on. This spray contains natural enzymes that attack and feed ammonia crystals in stains thereby getting to the root of stains. Like the products I’ve mentioned before, Rocco & Roxie odor Eliminator doesn’t cover bad odor, it removes it.

If your beanbag fabric is waterproof or has a lining under it that inhibits moisture from getting to the styrofoam balls then this product is one of those must-haves in your home.

When you see the blotch

Dog Peed on Bean Bag

Dog piss on beanbags always leaves tell tales even after a long time since they’ve been delivered.

Dogs leave other stains behind on beanbags, occasionally, like defecate. But piss takes the grand prize, and the carries the trophy home.

When they are allowed to dry in – something I advise you not to let happen – they become permanent press.

Depending on the color of the material your beanbag is made of, you will see the blotches looking like the map of any American state or any country.

There can be as many blotches as possible. The more of them you have, the bigger the issue you have with your beanbag.

That odor…

Yeah, you know what it is. If your pet is a cat or a dog, you can tell just by getting a whiff off of the beanbag that that brown blotch on the velvet fabric isn’t a coffee spill.

But odors vary from pet to pet, and even from fabric to fabric. But it always a distinct odor that you must get out of your beanbag if you want to continue to enjoy using it.

Now let’s get a little bit closer to finding a solution to the piss in your beanbags. You have to do a lot of assessment before attacking the piss stain in the bag or chair.

Sometimes, what signs you see on the surface—the out-of-character coloration, the smell, are only the tip of the iceberg, as we often say.

If the fabric is not waterproof, or have a protective lining between it and the beans inside, then you don’t have your work cut out simply.

Why does it smell that way?

Perhaps an understanding of why piss smells the way it does may help you appreciate the implications of what you do by leaving piss stains in your beanbag.

O yeah, I have visited friends who have beanbags with the map – stain marks – of Ukraine, India on it. These stains have pressed in indelibly.

Now piss smells this way because it is composed of Urea and uric acid. Urea breaks down nitrogen in the body, and uric acid breaks down protein. Think of the smell from this workings as exhaust, waste. This isn’t a science class so I’m not going into the details.

This means you can’t just overlook the potential damage when your dog pisses on your beanbag. Think of how it smells in the toilet when you leave too long before you flush it. Yeah, your dog is a mammal, same as you. Mammal piss smells.

Getting Smell of Dog Pee out of your bean bag

With some fabrics, you may be able to perform a simple washing process and get the pee out. Fabrics like faux leather and vinyl may only require cleaning with a soft, wet towel repeatedly to get the pee out.

However since we have established that getting the pee out is only the beginning and we need a solution to totally eliminate the smell, let me show you a step by step procedure to clean dog piss from beanbags.

If it’s a bean bag with a waterproof lining do this:

  • Remove the styrofoam balls and keep them in a place where children can’t reach them to avoid accidents.
  • Dip the beanbag cover in a washing machine and wash like regular laundry.
  • Add a little baking soda or vinegar to get the smell of the piss out.
  • You may spin dry if your bag fits in the machine.
  • Wash in the bath if the bag is too big and can’t fit in the machine.
  • Dry outside after washing.

If your beanbag that has been peed on doesn’t have waterproof lining, and it is neither vinyl nor faux leather follow these instructions:

  • Empty the beanbag of the beans in them and check for the degree of damage caused by the dog pee. Usually, there should be discoloration and odor.
  • If the beans are made of styrofoam balls or other materials that are absorbent, then you may need to discard and buy new ones.
  • You may have to dip the whole bag in the machine for a gentle roll.
  • Add vinegar or baking soda in the wash.
  • Dry out after wash.

To wash the beans without causing so much damage to them, or putting them loose in the machine, do this:

  • Remove the beans from the bags.
  • Film them in laundry bags that have zippers.
  • Then wash with detergent and add a little vinegar as you see fit. This should remove the pee and eliminate the smell.
  • You may have to wash several times
  • Be careful when squeezing excess water out of the styrofoam
  • Squeeze the water out, a little at a time in order not to flatten the styrofoam balls permanently.
  • Do this squeezing and filling with clean water several times to get both the suds and pee out.
  • Spread the beans in an airy place to get the

Final words

There you have it, all the ways that you can tackle the instance of piss on your beanbag. The list of products here does not exhaust the number of products that can be used to remove dog piss, stain, and smell from your beanbag. Visit the Amazon store though before your favorite product is sold out.

Beanbags are still in fashion and will always be. And dogs will always be part of our families, there to make memories with us. Our kids will still cuddle them, and perhaps share the same spaces with them.

Get a beanbag for your dog, maybe a faux fur beanbag, those are very comfortable. Some dogs are trained so that whenever they need to pee, they go somewhere away from the furniture.

This way you minimize the option of having to clean your beanbag and cut down on cleaning expenses. Of course, life’s like that, there are some things you can’t avoid. Like your dog peeing on your beanbag.