Are Secret Lab Chairs Worth it?

Wondering whether Secret lab chairs are worth it? Of course, they are. Secret lab chairs are actually worth it. One of the reasons being that they are for such a quality chair, they are very reasonable in terms of their price.

You are getting a very high-quality secret lab chair for a reasonable amount that you may not get other chairs. Doing proper research will reveal to you that this secret lab chair has a price that is in the middle-upper range when it comes to gaming chairs.

Are secret lab chairs good?

Simply put, secret lab chairs are good! Whether you want to use it for gaming, or whether you want to use it for office use, secret lab chairs are very good and you are going to enjoy making use of it.

The chair is really a very positive one and when you are making use of it, you can also see how good it is from the comfort that it gives you and how productive it makes you.

Then, you can see how good this secret lab chair is. The good thing about this secret lab chair is that it can be used for more than just gaming, if you want to make use of it in the office, you can as well go-ahead to use it.

Is this not a very good feature of the secret lab chairs? Who will not like a chair that can be used in multiple places like in the office, in the gaming room, etc.?

With this, you do not have to buy multiple chairs for work, one chair can serve, if you are able to keep on transferring it from your office to your gaming room. This makes sense if your office is in the same building as your gaming room.

In short, secret lab chairs are very good.

Why Secret lab chairs are good?

You must have read through the beginning of this article and you have seen me write about how good a secret lab chair is. That is a simple truth, they are actually good.

But the main thing is that people want to know what makes this secret lab chair good. That is what I will be talking about in this segment of the article. Take a look at some of the reasons why secret lab chairs are good:

  • They are comfortable to sit in
  • The build quality is solid
  • Ability to recline the lock
  • The armrest is fully adjustable for height

They are comfortable to sit

A lot of other office chairs are comfortable, but this secret lab chair is different from those office chairs. The reason is that when you sit in it, you rest assured that your back is going to be in good shape even though you are going to sit in the chair for long hours.

Some other chairs, when you sit on it for a long time, your back starts to ache. But with this secret lab chair and the great build quality, your back will not ache. You will be able to sit and even stay longer while you work in the chair.

The build quality is great

It comes with PRIME 2.0 PU leather. With this, sitting will be so easy for you. Even though your gaming gets intense, with this leather build, you are not going to have issues with this chair.

This leather build quality is engineered to be four times more durable than regular PU leather. This is one of the features that make this secret lab chair really good. It also has a flexing and abrasion resistance.

The base of this chair is also made with aluminum. This is a great build quality that usually ensures durability.

Ability to recline and lock

This is one special feature that you cannot see in all the chairs out there. It is unique and the secret lab chairs have this feature. You have the ability to be able to recline and lock this chair in a position that you can even use to have a quick nap, or a power nap as you will like to call it. T

his is very useful In the sense that when you have worked for a long period of time and you do not want to sleep on your bed, you can simply recline the chair, lock it and stay in that same position while you have your power nap.

The armrest is fully adjustable for height

Obviously, everybody does not have the same height. Different people that are buying the secret lab chair will have different heights, some will be tall and some will be short.

Because of the different heights, the armrest will be in different positions, and that is why this chair has an adjustable armrest that enables you to be able to adjust it perfectly to the height that suits you. This is a very good advantage for buyers.

These are the reasons why this secret lab chair is good, you should consider going for one.

Which secret lab chair is the best?

Are Secret Lab Chairs Worth it?

To first determine which secret lab chair is the best, ask yourself what you are looking for in a secret lab chair. That is how I determine and mention which secret lab chair is the best.

If you are the type that wants a tighter-fitting chair, then you should consider going for the Secret lab Omega. This one will work best because it has been specially designed for a tighter-fitting experience.

However, if what you want is better lumbar support, then what you should be looking at is the Secret lab Titan. These two serve different purposes. You should check and go for the one that suits your need. That is what you should do.

Why it was done this way is so that if I mention one secret lab chair as the best, and it does not have those features that you are looking for, you may not like it.

That is why I have to break it down according to the features that you are looking for. It is not just about which secret lab chair is best, it is about which secret lab chair is best for YOU!

Do secret lab chairs break-in?

The answer to that question is that secret lab chairs will surely break-in. But do not expect this to happen immediately. Secret lab chairs will break in after a few weeks of making use of them.

Not only will it break in after making use of it for some weeks, but it could also soften after a few weeks of usage.

This is because of the design that it comes with. The secret lab chair features high-density cold-cure foam to provide support. Not just that, it also supports cushioning for a long period of time.

What you need to do is to make use of it in a more gentle way and not allow rough handling of the chair so that it can last for as long as you want it. Proper care should be taken while making use of this chair.

How can I lower my secret lab chair?

Lowering your secret lab chair is not as difficult as you may think it is. The first thing that needs to be in place is that you need to, first of all, ensure that your secret lab chair has been assembled first. If it is not assembled, how then can you lower your secret lab chair?

Once it has been assembled, then you can check out a knob that you can turn both clockwise and anticlockwise. Turning the knob both clockwise and anticlockwise has different functions.

When you turn it clockwise what you are doing is that you are increasing the lumbar support. However, when you want to lower your secret lab chair, all you need to do is simply turn the knob anticlockwise.

When you do that, you will see that the secret lab chair is already able to be lowered. You should do the lowering of the secret lab chair only when it is needed.

It could be needed in situations where the person making use of it is not as tall, then you can go ahead to reduce it so that the chair can fit you and your height.

If you notice that you are a tall person, and the chair is already low for you, there may be no need to want to lower your secret lab chair. All you need to do is just continue using it as it is as long as it is comfortable for you in that position.

However, for a short person, you should consider lowering the secret lab chair so that it can fit your height and you will be more productive while sitting on a chair that suits your height.

Remember that you should turn the knob with caution.

Which is the cheapest secret lab chair?

The cheapest secret lab chair is the Secret lab Omega. This is the cheapest secret lab chair that you can buy.

You may think that because of how cheap it is, it may not function as those ones that are very expensive. But the truth of the matter is that this cheap one also performs great.

It performs so well that you may not be able to tell the difference between this cheap one and those expensive ones that you see out there. This cheap secret lab chair is good in the sense that if you do not have so much money on you, you can still go ahead to buy it and you will not be having a low spec secret lab chair.

You are spending less and you are equally using a quality secret lab chair. If you are going for these cheap models, then you should not feel like yours will not perform as well as those expensive ones.

You spend less, save some money and you still get something great in turn. You should consider going for this if you are looking for something cheaper.

How do you install a secret lab chair?

  • Remove the chair from the package
  • Connect the seat with the body
  • Insert all the screws
  • Insert wheelbase

You need to have it at the back of your mind that secret lab chairs do not come pre-installed. SO you should not expect that and you should not expect to have all the installation work done already, you should get ready to do it by yourself.

You do not need to bother yourself too much, the reason being that the installation process is not difficult as you may think it is. This is how to install the secret lab chair:

When you buy your secret lab chair, it comes in packaging, you need to, first of all, remove it from the packaging and bring everything out.

Then you should connect the seat with the body. The upper part of the chair is done, then you move to the bottom part, this is the tilting mechanism area.

Then you can go ahead to screw all the four screws that have been provided. After this step, you can now move to insert the wheelbase, once you are done inserting and installing the wheelbase, then you are all set and done.

You now have your secret lab chair fully installed. Take note that you also need to look at the manufacturer’s manual.


I said in the beginning of this article that secret lab chairs are worth it, going for one will make a lot of sense and you are not going to have any cause to regret. Why I said so is because of the proper pricing that the secret lab chair comes with.

This is a very good feature that a chair can have. This encourages new buyers to even buy this secret lab chair. What you should know is that this secret lab chair will serve you a whole lot if you go ahead to get one for yourself.

You may not even beg to get for yourself, you may be getting for someone else. And the person will love it. If this is your first time buying this secret lab chair, you are not going to have a tough time installing it.

This is because the manufacturers have already made it very easy to install. You can follow the installation process I explained above. You should not forget to check out the manufacturer’s manual as well.

It contains some important information that you need to check before you start installing and using the secret lab chair. It has an easy installation process & easy usage.