8 Best Office Chairs for Sitting Indian Style Reviewed in 2022

Using office chairs where you can sit cross-legged is not the best for posture, torso symmetry, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Often referred to as Indian Style or sedentary Turkish Style, the position still has its users. However, most don’t stick to the office chair position, and finding a supportive chair can seem impossible.

Take a look at my top 5 office chairs for sitting Indian style. I am sure you will love them.

Type of chairs for sitting Indian style Features
Flash Furniture Executive Chair Designed to support more weight than an ordinary office chair
Soul Seat Helps to improve body posture
Alexia Meditation Chair Designed to support the lower back, sciatica, knees, legs, and feet
OMF Armless Deck Chair Fully adjustable seat and back height to suit your comfort
Stone Office Chair The 360-degree mechanism allows for free and flexible body movement

A few of the best office chairs for sitting Indian Style also sit on with your legs crossed without armrests. One leg can lean on the other, which is fine for most chairs.

But sitting cross-legged under your body might not be that easy to keep. That is why it received the name of the Indian-style sitting. This type of session is noticeable on office chairs as well as on gaming chairs.

What to Look for in Cross-legged Chairs

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably one of the many people who prefer to sit cross-legged. Maybe you are doing it because you feel more comfortable or because of the benefits, you can get from the position.

Sitting with your legs crossed can improve blood circulation, open up hip joints, strengthen legs, and help improve posture.

If you want to bring these benefits to your workplace, it would be good to get an office chair to sit comfortably with your legs crossed.

That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of the best office chairs for sitting Indian Style.

If you are buying a regular office chair but want to make sure that you are comfortable sitting cross-legged, there are a few things to consider.


When you sit with your legs crossed, your knees point outward. This makes it challenging to sit in a chair with armrests.

So when choosing an office chair to sit cross-legged on, make sure you choose one that doesn’t have armrests, or that has smaller armrests that don’t touch your knees.

Seat Base

The base of your seat should be wide and padded to accommodate your feet. Get an office chair that has a broader seat base.

If you have a smaller seat, your knees will hang down from the chair, and it may not be very comfortable.

Top 8 Office Chairs for Sitting Indian Style

Soul Seat



  • Ergonomic design
  • Quality materials


  • Expensive
  • Lack of height

The first chair on our list of the best office chairs for sitting Indian Style is the Soul Seat office chair. This chair is suitable for people who suffer from poor posture and need an office chair that dramatically improves their posture.

Many times sitting cross-legged in a regular office chair is not enough. You may need a specially designed chair to sit cross-legged, so you won’t be tempted to go back to your usual way of sitting.

When you first look at this chair, you will immediately notice that it does not look like a regular office chair. Instead of a seat with a backrest & armrests, this chair has a lower platform and a small hanger.

The lower platform has an irregular shape which looks rather odd. The figure is designed to fit comfortably over your crossed legs.

The width is 25 centimeters so that you will have enough legroom at your disposal. It is also well padded for more comfort. You can alter the height of the chair from 15 to 20 centimeters.

In the center of the chair is a small hanger. It can raise it to 8 centimeters from the lower deck. The hanger is also well-padded so that you can sit on it without any discomfort.

The appropriate way to use this chair would be to sit on a hanger and rest your legs crossed on the lower platform. If you are not comfortable, you can adjust the hanger’s height until you find a position that works for you.

One thing we really love about this chair is the high-quality construction and the materials used.

The seat materials are made of premium fabrics and woolen fabrics. It makes your seat very comfortable and durable; and can withstand the trial of time with constant use.

This office chair as well comes with a Class 4 gas cylinder with a capacity of over 350 pounds.

The only demerit here is that it comes at a steep price. It is close to three times the price of a regular office chair.


Flash Furniture Executive Chair


Flash Furniture HERCULES Big & Tall Series with Soft Black Leather Ergonomic Office Chair valued at £ 400 with Full Headrest, BIFMA Certified


  • Oversized contemporary office high chair
  • Load capacity 400 lbs.
  • Black leather upholstery


  • Large seat
  • Soft and Comfortable


  • Synthetic leather
  • Plastic wheels

This chair isn’t explicitly designed for sitting cross-legged, but its large size and soft padding make it a great option.

The wide 29-inch seat gives you enough room to cross your legs comfortably. A soft pillow will also allow you to sit in this position for hours.

The Hercules executive chair does not come with armrests. This is great for sitting with your legs crossed as the armrests usually stand up in the way of your knees.

There are no instructions on how to sit in this oversized, comfortable chair. Just jump in and get comfortable.

What sets this chair unique from other office chairs is the LeatherSoft upholstery. Not only is it extremely / super soft to the touch (softer than genuine leather), but it’s also amazing. It is even more affordable than genuine leather.

This particular chair is designed to support more weight than an average office chair. It can support over 400 kilograms of weight without damage.


Alexia Meditation Chair


Ergonomically correct Alexia meditation chair for human physiology Zen Yoga chair (slat, natural leather)


  • Achieve Maximum Relaxation: Meditation should be relaxing, but relaxation is much more difficult when you feel uncomfortable. The Alexia meditation seat is an ergonomic meditation cushion that allows you to find your ZEN perfect posture and comfort. The meditation chair has been carefully designed to support the lower back, sciatica, knees, legs, and feet.
  • Find Your Perfect Sukhasana Position: It is also known as “hold to sit easily,” sukhasana is used in yoga to relieve hip tension and reduce stress. Alexia lifts her hips and leans them forward so that you sit naturally upright as her legs bent under you, without the pressure of your body weight.
  •  Elegant and Practical Design: Alexia’s lotus design is accented with brightly colored fabric, vegan leather, or leather; it is a beautiful and practical piece. Whether you are working out, relaxing, or just watching TV, Alexia can improve your meditation practice and posture.
  • Manual Treatment with Quality Materials: Alexia meditation chairs are meticulously handcrafted from high-quality materials with a built-in lightweight metal skeleton that supports the body correctly, covered with a wide range of fabrics, leather in beautiful color presentations.

Product Specifications: Package Contains

  • Alexia Meditation Seat.
  • They are designed to support the lower back, ischium, knees, feet, and soles.
  • Structured interior metallic skeleton and neoprene foam.



  • Sukhasane comfortable pose
  • Genuine leather


  • No height alteration/adjustment
  • Fixed position

Are you searching for a seat that you can easily place in the backseat of the car and take along with you wherever you go?

If this sounds like something you need, consider purchasing an Alexia meditation chair.

This seat is portable as it does not come with legs, a stand, or a wheelbase. This is a one-piece padded seat that is light and strong enough to support your body weight.

Alexia’s meditation chair is also versatile. You can use it on the meditation floor or place it on a higher platform in front of your dining table or table.

You can even place it on a simple office chair and enjoy the comfortable sukhasan position while working.

The cushions in this seat support the lower back, ischium, knees, legs, and feet. Lift your hips and rotate them forward to force you to sit up straight.

The design also allows you to bend your legs under you without adding bodyweight pressure.

You can get this seat in brown, dove, sand, sky blue, black, white, green, latte, purple, red, dark gray, light gray, and orange. And you can select between genuine leather, fabric, synthetic leather, and vegan leather exterior materials.


XIALIUXIA Office Chair


XIALIUXIA Office Knee Pads, Wooden Ergonomic Knee Pads with Backrest and Armrests Defective Backrest Support Adjustable Computer Posture Correction


  • Ergonomically designed: Ergonomic work for the back, reducing intervertebral/spinal discs during long office work. It is beneficial.
  • Cotton coat cushion: high-density sponge, soft and suitable for the skin, comfortable seat, good resistance. support for a more extended period of use
  • Correct seat: Unique appearance and comfortable design are naturally applied to all age groups, preventing spine flexion due to cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle fatigue, and the spine’s curvature.
  • College student use: Can naturally straighten back and spine in a relaxed state to avoid hunchback.
  • Multilateral: The chair is perfect for sitting in meditation, computer input, gaming, office, sewing, crafting, and a relaxing chair or chair for posture correction.



  • Ergonomic
  • Large design


  • Manual height adjustment
  • Non-rotating plastic wheels

The Xialiuxia office chair allows you to sit with your legs crossed and enables you to sit in various ergonomic positions.

It’s the perfect chair for someone who doesn’t want to stick to an alternate sitting position but wants to mix things up now and then.

The Xialiuxia office chair is ideal for sitting, kneeling, and squatting with legs crossed. You can tilt the chair to better suit certain positions.

The chair has two main components connected by a wooden frame. It has its own seat and footrest.

The seat and footrest are covered with cotton canvas, a high-density sponge cushion that will keep you comfortable for many hours.

The height of the chair can be tilted by turning the nut inside the wooden frame. It is adjustable up to 4 inches.

One thing we pride about this chair is its modern design. The combination of wood and brown cotton canvas makes it simple yet elegant.

The only thing that doesn’t satisfy us with this chair is its thin plastic wheels. They are not boring if you keep the chair in one place. It is only when you try to slide that you will notice the problem.

OMF Armless Deck Chair



  • Executive Swivel table: Soft and flexible SofThread leather seat surface with custom stitching accents provides a luxurious and luxurious feel at an attractive price
  • Stylish work table: The base of a five-star chair and a too thick seat cushion combine maximum durability with a beautiful design
  • Ergonomic length support: Fully adjustable seat and back height to suit your comfort and working preferences.
  • Simple Comfort: This luxurious leather chair with a modern design is perfect for the home or office
  • Permanent office furniture: This sturdy chair weighs 250 kilograms for extended use, with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Style Name: Deck chair
  • Material: Leather
  • Product dimensions (LxWxH): 27.25 x 22.75 x 37.75 inches
  • Recommended Maximum weight: 250 pounds


  • Simple design
  • Affordable


  • Plastic wheels
  • Synthetic leather

If you are on an allocated budget and want a simple chair without a bell or whistle, the OMF Armless Office Chair will be perfect for you.

This chair is affordable and straightforward. It also allows you to sit very comfortably with your legs crossed.

That’s thanks to the 22.75-inch wide seat. This wider seat gives you more space to rest your legs crossed while seated.

It doesn’t even come with armrests, so your knees don’t get in the way when you’re sitting down for work.

Everything else about this office chair is pretty standard, from upholstery and upholstery to a gas pneumatic cylinder and a stand with plastic wheels.

Because this office chair is so affordable, you can save money on purchasing additional items and maximize comfort. You can get seat cushions, neck pillows, etc.

Stone Office Chair



  • A high, streamlined backrest with nailhead trim gives this swivel chair a strong presence in the home office. The hands-free design and clean lines reflect the classic mid-century influence. Sturdy pillows and elastic straps make it durable and comfortable.
  • 28.4 “wide x 25.2” deep x 39.8 “high
  • Durable 98% polyester / 2% linen padding. Swivel base in wood and metal; five metal wheels.
  • Rotate 360 degrees. Vital for a capacity of up to 250 lbs. The premium leather features unique markings.
  • Easy installation in 15 minutes. Vacuum or clean with a soft, dry cloth.


  • Offers plenty support
  • Ideal for sitting with/without arm seat


  • Saddle Weight: 43.2 lbs
  • Seat width: 28.4 inches
  • Seat depth: 25.2 inches
  • Padded foam with elastic band

With its superior feel, a chair is another best option for sitting cross-legged. Its high backrest provides plenty of support, while the combination of polyester-coated materials provides a comfortable skin feel.

The chair also has 360-degree rotational freedom. When you sit cross-legged, the 360 ​​freedom of movement takes on a whole new meaning, as it is, in fact, 360. Without armrests, the chair will not be uncomfortable, even on your knees.

Sadie Swivel Mid Back Armless Office Chair



  • Work chair with fresh mesh on the rear: Increased comfort with the breathable fabric you can relax in
  • Comfortable open chair: Pneumatic seat height adjustment and 360-degree rotation allow you to adjust your comfort
  • Neat wheelchair: Smooth swivel casters and durable casters stand up even under severe operating conditions.
  • Ergonomic length support: Ergonomic rear frame provides support and comfort
  • Solid and durable neat furniture:  Durable sandwich net and 250-kilogram capacity


  • Capacity weight 250 pounds
  • Seat width 24 inches
  • Seat depth 24 1/2 “
  • Padded foam


  • Ergonomic posture support
  • Durable office chair


  • Not super comfortable

An affordable option might be a good start for those unsure of sitting cross-legged in an office chair. With its ventilated back, it can promote long hours of sitting.

However, the chair is light, and therefore it may not be the best option for lying down and relaxing like the previous two options. Since sitting cross-legged should not be kept during the day, this can be considered a minor problem.

BirdRock Home



  • Comfortable: The memory foam gets used to your body and gives you a perfect fit. Offers back support when sitting on the floor.
  • Adjustable: Easily adjust the floor to 14 various positions, allowing you to lay down your chair directly for sleeping, lounging to watch your favorite movie, or using it at 90 degrees to play board games.
  • Universal use: The chair offers you various possibilities of use. It allows you to read the latest book, comfortably meditate on the floor, or play board games with the family! Great for adding extra seating when your friends and family come over to watch the game.
  • Easy storage: Place the chair completely flat to store it under your high bed or sofa. The chairs also sit flat on top of each other, making them easy to store.
  • Dimensions: Flat dimensions: 21.25 “W x 41.25” D x 6 “H. Dimensions of the 90 ‘position: 19” wide x 23 “deep x 22.5” high. Weight: 10.5 lbs


  • Extremely comfortable with minor adjustments
  • Easy to use and great looks.


  • Capacity weight 250 pounds
  • Seat width 19 inches
  • Seat depth 22.5 inches
  • Chopped memory foam pads

The chair is not a traditional office design, but a good chair for playing and relaxing. But since sitting cross-legged is mostly a matter of a few hours a day, it can be a backrest solution for a more traditional office chair. At BirdRock Home, it is possible to sit in Indian Style and even work on a laptop.

You can adjust 14 positions with the chair. There is a lot of freedom to allow the spine to relax when needed after sitting cross-legged. Plus, the plush foam liner provides a contemporary soft feel that many appreciate.

Final Words

If you’re an individual who likes to sit cross-legged while you work, it’s a good idea to get a chair that allows you to sit comfortably.

Finding the perfect chair to sit with your legs crossed can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve fixed together our list of the best office chairs for sitting Indian style.

We hope you loved the reading and found the chair that’s right for you.