5 Best Gaming Chairs for Playing Guitar (Review & Buying Guide)

Since most guitar chairs cost between $100 and $500, one is unlikely to be the most expensive part of your studio setup. And for a minimum investment, you get maximum benefits; most important are the support and comfort needed to prevent chronic neck and back pain in the future.

However, the best gaming chair for playing guitar may even outperform the competition in the short term.

Before we take a dive into the proper review of my top gaming chairs for playing your favorite instrument.

Best Budget Gaming Chair for Guitar (Under $200) Racing GT099 Gaming Chair
Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair for Guitar AKRacing Masters Series Max
Gaming Chair for the money Steelcase Gaming Chair

Gaming Chairs as opposed to Office Chairs

Not to be confused with your office chair, the gaming chair is designed to be more adaptable, comfortable, and supportive. Most of them are more in virtual reality racing seats, with a backrest resting on the shoulders, neck, and head. Think of them all as an upgraded version of a table chair.

Gaming chairs also have a backrest option that makes them suitable for playing guitar, which allows you to change your posture and position for hours of playing time. The most apparent difference may also be the choice of color.

Gaming chairs that can be used to play guitar often turn heads, bold colors, and designs. But if you don’t like it or want something quieter for work and play, some neutral options are available.

My Top 5 Picks of the Best Gaming Chair for Playing Guitar

AKRacing Masters Series Max


  • Extremely Large Size: Large rust-coated metal frame covered with a cold-curved high-density foam cooler for maximum comfort and durability while playing guitar
  • Quality Padding: PU leather front and back – Easy to clean.
  • 400 Pound Weight Capacity: The advanced mechanism with adjustable rocker function and lockable tilt positions and a custom heavy-duty gas spring can support 400 pounds.
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar supports are supported for comfort and ergonomics.
  • 4D armrests: adjustable in four directions: up and down, forward and backward, inward and outward, and swivel sideways.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 28.75 – 30.25 “W x 23.25” D x 51.4 – 54 “H
  • Backrest: 24.35 “wide x 34.25” high | Seat: 23.25 “W x 5” H


  • Strong
  • Support and adaptability


  • A little expensive


  • Color blue
  • Material foam, polyurethane, metal
  • Item dimensions LxWxH 23.25 x 30.25 x 54 inches
  • Recommended for a maximum weight of 400 pounds
  • Item Weight 57 lbs

Gaming chairs that could also be instrumental in playing guitars can be sought after for their ergonomics. But they are notoriously narrow, making it difficult for those who have a more challenging time finding comfortable ones and providing support for long periods.

This chair is designed for tall guitarists, with its 15.3-inch seat and wide, curved backrest. Max is reasonably easy to assemble, but it may need some help due to the parts’ size as it can be a bit bulky.

The chair is also designed for back problems because it is relatively firm, except for the back & neck pillows, which are softer for comfort.

Ergonomically speaking, the Masters Series Max is also more than agile, with adjustable armrests and the ability to lean back 180 degrees. However, PCMag testers warn it to fall into the entire backrest a bit.


Steelcase Gaming Chair


  • Connect fabric is 100% polyester.
  • Wheels for carpet floors
  • Ergonomic Chair: Features include adjustable seat depth, fully adjustable arms, pneumatically adjustable seat height, adjustable backrest tension, 4-position backrest lock, upholstered backrests and seat, light colors / the light of the frame.
  • All-day comfort and backrest: seat and backrest gestures move like a synchronized system, following your body as it moves throughout the day to provide lasting support
  • Quality and Durability: Designed to withstand 24/7 use, providing maximum comfort.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Transparent
  • It looks fantastic and futuristic.
  • The adjustable arms are really cool.
  • Quality materials. It looks like a Porsche.


  • The chair gives the impression that the seat’s base is tilted slightly downwards as if it is trying to push me forward.
  • It was not very comfortable, as it lacked back support.
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Expensive


  • Textile material
  • Recommended for a maximum weight of 400 pounds
  • Item Weight 72.8 lbs

This chair is worth a lot of money. Its sleek design will help you switch mode in your practice session and make it comfortable.

The seat and backrest conform to your body with thick, compatible padding.

It has intuitive settings that control the height, depth, tension, and stop of the backrest, allowing you to adjust it to your needs.

Although you can adjust it manually, the lumbar support automatically adjusts depending on whether you are standing or lying down, increasing or decreasing the lumbar support to ensure proper alignment.

Even skeptical critics, especially those with back problems, we’re impressed with the gesture. “I have scoliosis with a severe back strain, so a good office chair is essential,” one wrote on Amazon. “It’s not just progressively better than the cheapest chairs. This one has an unmatched level of support and comfort.”


Vertagear VG-SL5000 Gaming Chair


  • Effortless installation – ‘sliding’ design creates a quick one-person installation process.
  • Structure in steel and elastic foam Ultra Premium HR (high density)
  • Reinforced 5-Spoke Base: Redesigned and made of strong aluminum alloy that provides a solid structure
  • Accessories: An additional memory head pillow and support pillow are included.
  • Pillow and shaped arm with adjustment in four directions


  •  It fits the look of a guitar.
  • Support and adaptability


  • The seat is not very padded.


  • Color black / red
  • Material synthetic leather, steel
  • Item dimensions LxWxH 24 x 25 x 54 inches
  • Recommended for a maximum weight of 150 pounds
  • Item Weight 61 lbs

This Vertagear brings comfort and style to the table. And although the design of the hallways and many color options are eye-catching, they have one feature that fits this shape.

The chair has double cushions that help support your lower back and neck and help you maintain great posture no matter how long you play.

Outside, PVC is stain and water-resistant, durable but not very breathable. The only gripe, according to PCGamer, is that while the backrest has enough cushions, the seat feels a bit flat in parallel.


Office Star ProGrid with High Back


  • Breathable ProGrid backrest with integrated lumbar support
  • Adjustable arms provide additional comfort.
  • Assembled dimensions: 27875 “W x 29” D x 42625 “H | Net weight: 50.1 lbs | Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment: allows quick and easy adjustment to adjust the chair’s height from the floor.
  • Versatile function: three levers to change the backrest angle to the seat, tilt, and tilt control for intensive keyboard activities. The slope is free or locks in a specific range. This control can also have a rear height adjustment.
  • Seat depth adjustment – positions the chair concerning the seat to reduce pressure on the buttocks and thighs for taller and more petite users.
  • 360 * Swivel: The chair swivels 360 * in any direction for easy movement. The standard for each executive and operational chairman
  • Seat Slider: This enables you to adjust the seat to move back and forth in its original position.
  • Sturdy frame and arms with titanium finish



  • Not tiltable


  • Item weight 50.1 kilograms
  • Product Dimensions 29 x 27.88 x 42.63 inches
  • Case model number 92892-30
  • Assembled height 42 inches
  • Assembled width 26.5 inches
  • Assembled length 27 inches
  • Seat height assembled 18.5 inches.
  • Weight 47 pounds

Chances are if you want to spend the money on a new and one of the best gaming chairs for playing guitar, you want it to be versatile.

This one could be perfectly suitable. While ProGrid sells as an office chair, it can work well for casual guitarists as well. The simple black design is modest enough for a workspace but well-equipped to support you during some games.

The chair is adjustable, almost to the end. The PC Gamer reviewer put it this way: “With its wide variety of handles, you can adjust the height & tilt of the chair, as well as move the seat forward or backward.

The backrest can also be driven up or down, and the armrests can be raised or lowered and slide back & forth until you find the perfect position. “While there can be a bit of hassle around adjusting the chair, the overall flexibility gives you a wide range of fine adjustments.


GTRacing GT099 Gaming Chair


  • This GTRacing gaming chair is wrapped in red faux leather in a sleek, racing-inspired shape, providing an incredible guitaring experience.
  • The ergonomic design helps you maintain a balanced and neutral posture and reduces pressure and pain.
  • Well-padded seat cushions, lumbar area, and headrest make extended guitaring sessions more comfortable.
  • Significant angle adjustment provides excellent 90-170 degree angle support to meet all your needs.
  • Fully adjustable Class 3 gas lift cylinder for height adjustment; multi-adjustable 3D armrests; Adjustable rock slope tension.
  • Quality materials: Durable metal frame, supported cast foam, soft synthetic leather, and smooth wheels.
  • Get vertical support in the run mode as you type and work, or switch to game mode – lie down to relax a bit.
  • Complete your studio setup now with all types of GTRacing play equipment!


  • Economical
  • Adjustable pillows


  • The pleather can be heated.


  • Item Weight 50 lbs
  • Product Dimensions 20.86 x 21.26 x 51.97 inches
  • Item model number 099-RED
  • Assembled height 52.36 inches
  • Assembled width 27.56 inches
  • Assembled length 27.56 inches
  • Weight 50 pounds

Looking for something to use exclusively for guitar sessions that won’t fail? This is a great option. Although noticeably more eye-catching, the chair is ergonomic and can hold you for hours.

GTRacing built it for tilt up to 170 degrees and supported 300 kilograms and supplied it with a pillow support system with adjustable pillows under the head and lower back.

The only downside is that the faux leather fabric is not the most breathable material and can be easily glued if it manages to heat up.

Along with the red styling, it’s also available in light blue, gray, and classic black options so that you can coordinate with your current game settings.


Features of the Best Gaming Chair for Playing Guitar

Mitigation and Support

When choosing a gaming chair for playing guitar, comfort is often at the top of the list you must have. But that doesn’t necessarily mean more mitigation.

While some are needed, you will need enough structure so that the chair can support healthy posture even for a few hours after running a gig session. This means choosing a more rigid chair, not something more like a beanbag.


A decent gaming chair for playing guitar allows you to adjust things like seat height and angle, armrest position, and backrest tilt. Wheelchairs give you more mobility, while a rocking chair, often preferred by children, has a seat directly on the floor.


Mesh & fabric are the most breathable, but they are easier to use and difficult to clean. The skin, faux fur, and vinyl are easier to clean, a bonus if you munch on something between snacks, but after a few hours, they can get hot and sticky.

Buying Guide for the Best Gaming Chair for Playing Guitar

You will end up with just one more chair to use when you need it if you don’t carefully consider the following factors. You need to know what makes a superb guitar chair and how to choose a guitar chair.

Playing guitar is complex, and everyone around you should be supportive as you do it. And the chair is fundamental support.

Height of the chair

You have to sit down while playing the acoustic guitar because you have to support your legs. If your legs are in a horrible position or posture, you can’t care how you’re holding the guitar, can you? The discomfort will spoil other aspects of performance for you as well.

If the chair is exceptionally high, you will not be able to balance yourself. Again, if the chair is too short, the knees will be pointed upward, and the body will bend at an uncomfortable angle. For this reason, the guitar in your hand will not get the perfect position and freedom that you need.

Therefore, when purchasing a chair for guitarists, pay attention to the best height for the guitar chair, and it should be adjusted to your height.

There is a myth that the saddle should consider the guitar’s size; it is a myth. Your saddle should be proportional to your height, not the size of your guitar.

Seat comfort

If you are passionate about the guitar, you probably train with it for hours. Eventually, your arm will hurt you as well as your neck and your mind. However, the fight will be double if you and your legs start to break.

Why can I hurt myself? For an uncomfortable seat. You require the best guitar seat to be super comfortable and well padded. Otherwise, it will be the biggest obstacle in your path to success. Leather seats with a fair amount of cushions inside work and look great.

Chair design

Depending on your physique, you will feel comfortable on different types of chairs. Make sure that the shape of the chair gives you the maximum comfort when sitting on it. Some chairs adapt to your body shape.

These carefully constructed chairs are suitable for your physique and for a performance like playing guitar.

Some chairs come with footrests, while many don’t. It’s up to you to conclude if you want a footrest or if you can do without it. Also, the shape and design of the feet differ. Some may offer more stability than others.

Since you’re going to be placing it in a studio, at home, or on a stage, you’ll want it to look good. The modern design will also delight you and the viewers.


You might not be the only guitarist in your house and your studio. Perhaps other guitarists use the same comfortable guitar chair. But, as we all know, they won’t be the same size or weight. Therefore, before purchasing a chair or bar stool, one should consider the guitar chair’s height.

Therefore, you will need an adjustable height chair. But not all adjustable chairs. You should also check the adjustment range. Also, consider the ease of adjustment.

If you need to spend hours adjusting your size, it’s not worth it, is it?

Quality of execution

As an artist, you know how attached you can be to your instruments. You are buying fine, high-quality, and many sought-after guitars to be with you all your life and through generations. The same goes for guitar accessories and things like chairs – you want them to last through the ages.

Only the quality of the construction can guarantee this. You want real, strong steel that is resistant to corrosion and rust in construction. Other durable materials will also work if they are strong enough.

The problem starts with the padded seat. It seems that the leather or the lining does not last long. In such cases, you should verify that the parts are replaceable. So you can keep the chair you created memories with just a little bit of modification.

Features you might want

A guitar chair is only a chair until you determine from it what you need. These chairs can offer you some exciting options. For instance, you can find guitar chairs that come with a guitar stand included.

It’s like the perfect combination of products, isn’t it? Many such features will surprise you. You just need to be clear with your needs, and you will find features that meet them.

Additionally, if you want to go down your favorite artist’s path, you can also find replicas that look exactly like that artist’s famous shows.

If you play a lot at shows, you may need a portable gourmet chair or stool. Yes, you can find lightweight and folding chairs. The quality may not be the best, but they are very convenient to use.

Price and warranty

You will find some incredibly expensive and, at the same time, very inexpensive guitar chairs. But these two extremes are a no-go zone.

Guitar chairs are essential but not large enough to put all the bank balance in them. It is better to research features and quality care and accept the middle-class price.

You will be amazed at the value you get at the price point. In fact, with the product, you will receive both guarantees and guarantees along with excellent customer service. You just have to be extremely careful when choosing.

The Best Chair for Guitarists: the Merits

You can buy many types of guitars, picks, clothing, etc. But why a chair? Here are a few reasons:

No health risk

You know how much pressure you put on your fingers while playing the guitar. Other parts of your body are also under stress.

The guitar chair, designed just for this purpose, creates an ideal sitting and playing situation for your body. As a result, perfect posture does not damage any part of the body in any way, and you can say goodbye to pain.


As mentioned, when buying a chair, you need to check the seat padding. This guarantees comfort. The same goes for the outline of your body which requires the best guitar playing chair. You don’t have to overdo it to feel comfortable playing the guitar.

Style and Confidence

The best guitar chairs and stools also have a mental effect. You might get nervous on stage, but when you get that familiar feeling of your studio, sitting in the same chair, your nerves calm down a bit. Plus, you choose a carefully designed guitar seat to your liking. As a result, it turns out to be a symbol of your style.

Final Thoughts

Sports and music are such sensitive activities that a lot is needed to achieve perfection. The art comes from you, and you have to feel comfortable while teaching it. Therefore, guitar chairs play a vital role when it comes to playing guitar.

Notably, if you move around a lot, no matter how good or comfortable it is, the chair should also meet your specific needs. So we present to you the best type of chairs for playing guitar. It’s time to find the best gaming chair for playing guitar among these guitar chair reviews to provide your art.