Guitar Stool vs Chair

Practicing or performing while sitting on a guitar stool is quite a different feel from when sitting on a guitar chair. Most Guitarists prefer using Guitar stools to guitar chairs because the guitar chair allows the weight of the guitar to make their right leg go numb after a while. In contrast, it is easier … Read more

Best Harp Bench in 2022

As a harp player, you can use either a chair, stool, or bench during harp playing sessions. A chair is an item of furniture that can be used to sit, it has legs, a back, and sometimes armrests. Before I dive into the review proper, check out my 10 favorite harp benches to buy for … Read more

10 Best Chairs for Elite Dangerous

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Zenez Gaming Chair Review

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10 Best Chairs for Playing Harp in 2022

There are varieties of harp with different heights, this is why it is absolutely necessary for you to choose the chair that can fit in with the type of harp you have. Once your chair can make you sit up straight, balance the weight, and helps you reach the middle of the strings without twisting … Read more