10 Best Chairs for Violin Practice

Given the little information available online, there is a high possibility of not making sound judgments due to a lack of information. This is why I have listed the 10 best chairs for violin practice.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty review of these great chairs, check out my top 10 chairs for playing the violin.

One of the things you can suffer as a violinist is a strain from holding up your arm for too long. You need to be in a good posture in order to balance the weight in your body and that is why choosing a good and quality chair is a necessity.

Why getting a good chair is important for violin practice

Popularly known for its high-pitched sound, the violin is one of the most prominent instruments in classical music and a wide variety of genres.

When it comes to playing the violin, it is pertinent to understand that the four strings on the violin represent four different notes which are usually tuned in perfect fifths.

To get the best sound, you should make sure the strings are perfectly tuned.  Also, your posture matters when playing the violin. You don’t want to be uncomfortable while playing it – do you?

  • The kind of chair you use for practicing violin determines the level of comfort, relaxation, and enjoyment you would get while playing the violin.
  • Using a good chair to practice violin makes you relaxed and also prevents you from having health issues like arthritis.
  • You need to be in a good posture in order to balance the weight in your body and that is why choosing a good and quality chair is a necessity.

My 10 top chairs for violin practice

1. ENGBER Lumber support chair

As a violinist, one of the best chairs you can use whenever playing in a concert or practicing is the ENGBER Lumbar Support Chair.

This is a strong and well-structured chair designed to give you comfort and prevent strains in the back and unnecessary tiredness. The seat is designed specifically to prevent strains and backaches.

If you constantly experience backaches, early fatigue, and strains whenever you play or practice, then this chair suits you. Depending on your height, this lumbar support chair is flexible and adjustable to any height and angle.

Also, you don’t need to worry about falling because it has an adjustable end cap that stabilizes it on uneven surfaces.


  • Adjustments can be made to the height and angle
  • It is strong and can accommodate heavy-weighted people.
  • It relieves you of strains and backaches.


  • It is quite expensive.
  • It is heavy.

The ENGBER Lumbar Support Chair is good for long practice sessions, it has a thick and soft seat padding that makes you comfortable when practicing for long hours.

The ENGBER Lumbar Support Chair is a chair that provides support for your back, shoulders, and arms during practice sessions.


2. Adjustrite Musician’s Chair

If you need to sit correctly and comfortably while practicing, then, the Adjustrite Musician’s Chair is the answer. With its paddled structured back, you would never need to worry about the rigors of practicing for long hours.

It straightens your back and is tightly fitted to relieve your back from pressure, pain, and strain. One amazing feature this chair has is the ability to accommodate both children and adults.

With its adjustable height feature, you can adjust the chair to any height of yours by simply pressing the buttons on the leg. The chair folds us easily and it is very convenient for storage and transport.

Acknowledged by some, the “Adjustrite Musician’s Chair” is known as the “Greatest Musician’s chair ever” because of its outstanding qualities.


  • It has height-adjustable legs
  • You can fold it to enable you to move it from one place to another
  • It has a comfortable backrest.    


  • It is expensive.

The external features of this chair were professionally designed. Also, the functions and make-up of this product like the weight, adjustable height, design, backrest, and comfortability are exactly what is needed for violin practice sessions.

However, there might be a difficulty when it comes to carrying it around because of its weight.


3. Leopard Adjustable Swivel Chair

This chair is a multipurpose chair that is suitable for you as a violinist during practice. It is strong, durable, and makes you comfortable.

This is a chair that is guaranteed to give you a comfortable sitting experience. It has a hydraulic adjustable height that is built in the footrest. It weighs approximately of 35pounds. This product is very easy to assemble.

It takes absolutely little or no time to assemble this chair. The chair is strong, safe, reliable, and secure. It has a stylish design and a comfortable backrest to prevent you from having backaches or strains as a result of pressures from a long duration of practice.


  • It is very strong, safe, and secure.
  • It is affordable compared to its quality.
  • It has a backrest that prevents backache and strain that might come as a result of long hours of practice sessions.


  • It is quite unstable and might trip over if kids try to climb it.

This product is sturdy, safe, reliable, and strong. However, it might not be suitable for children because it might cause them to trip and fall over whenever they try to climb it.


4. Gilbratar 9608 chair

It is a strong chair that guarantees you comfort and stability whenever you are practicing. With its rock-solid braced leg of double strength quality, you can be assured of not tipping over when you rest your back.

Also, you should rest assured that the chair would hold your weight no matter how much you weigh. This chair is built for the hard stuff; it is built for harsh conditions. It has an effective height-adjustment that allows you to adjust from 20 -28.

It has a firm backrest that supports your lower back; with its adjustable backrest, you can be sure of not having to worry about backaches or strains during or after long practice sessions.

This chair is padded firmly and as a result of this, it holds you tight and soft to give you a comfortable feel all through your practice sessions.


  • It gives maximum comfort.
  • It is strong, steady, and durable.
  • Its adjustable backrest prevents you from having backaches during long playing sessions.
  • It is portable.


  • It is heavy.
  • It does not suit the purpose of short people because of its height specs.

The chair is durable and comfortable for use. It is a very strong chair with an adjustable backrest that supports your lower back enough during practice sessions.

However, if you are short in height, this chair might not be suitable for you and it is also too heavy to be carried around.


5. Sihoo Adjustable Ergonomic Chair

This is an ergonomic chair that delivers exactly what it promises. During practice sessions, when you use this chair, you don’t need to worry about backaches, strains, or pressures.

Because of the product’s unique features like a wide headrest and comfortable seat, it has been specially designed to relieve your back of pressures that might lead to backaches.

When you feel like taking a recess, the armrest of the SIHOO ADJUSTABLE ERGONOMIC CHAIR gives you the exact feeling of resting on a pillow or cushion; Also, you can adjust the armrest to whatever angle you desire.

With an average weight of 150kg, the chair has been designed to carry heavyweight; So, you don’t need to worry about your weight when using this chair for practice.


  • It is an ergonomic chair that relieves your back of pressures and aches.
  • It also prevents shoulder pain by the strong adjustable armrest.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is safe, sturdy, and has a great design.

The ergonomic benefit that comes with this chair makes it absolutely comfortable to sit in, the seat padding also aids comfort. However, some bit of difficulty might be experienced while assembling.


6. Hylone Ergonomic chair

Best Chairs for Violin Practice

This chair can also be used for various purposes, but it is also very suitable for violin practice sessions because of its amazing features.

It has a wide headrest and an integrated backrest frame that prevents your back from aches and strains. As a violinist, whenever you want to practice for long, you tend to also put pressure on your shoulder and arm just as you put pressure on your back.

The Hylone Ergonomic Chair ensures you have a strain-free practice session. You can define the perfect position for you with the adjustable height features of this chair.

It has a breathable mesh back that makes sitting comfortable by preventing sweating and heat that might be a result of sitting for long hours. This chair weighs an average of 31pounds and can conveniently accommodate as much as 280pounds.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is comfortable
  • It is suitable for long practice sessions
  • It is sturdy and durable

This product has an amazing design framework, armrest quality, and most especially a very strong and firm backrest. This chair is good for lower back issues; so, if you have issues with your back while practicing, try this chair out.


7. BILKOH Back Support Chair

Best Chairs for Violin Practice

This is a biologically structured chair that was designed using a dynamic digital model of the human body. The backrest of this chair is exactly the same as that of the human spine. It provides lumbar support as well as back, head, hands, and hips support.

This is a chair that ensures your comfort all through your practice sessions. As a violinist, using the BILKOH Back Support Chair literally takes away the worries of backache, sore buttocks from sitting for long and shoulder strains as a result of pressure from practice.

It has an adjustable height feature that allows you to adjust the height of the backrest, backrest, and armrests to meet your specific need.

With its firm, strong, and cushioned comprehensive back support, it is best suited to relieve you of backache as a result of pressure and strains from long hours of practice.


  • It is comfortable and convenient for long hours of practice.
  • It is made to be compatible with the human body structure.
  • It has a comprehensive backrest that supports your lower spine from aches.
  • It is adjustable to any height.

The super-strong biologically-compatible design makes it perfect for use. It can be used for several purposes, but it is perfect for you as a violinist during practice sessions.


8. NOUHAUS Swivel Chair

Best Chairs for Violin Practice

The sitting posture you assume at the beginning of a practice session would definitely change during the practice session when you need to relax, are fatigued, or sore.

But the NOUHAUS Swivel Chair comes is a “JUST FOR ME” lumbar support chair that comes with a strong and firm backrest which provides maximum support for you all day long with an adjustable lower back support feature.

Apart from this, this chair is strong enough to carry any weight and it has a strong armrest that can support you when you lean on it. You can adjust it to any height of yours.

It also comes with a 5-Year warranty and adequate customer service. You don’t need to worry about soreness and strains during long practice sessions because of the amazing features of this chair.


  • It comes with a 5-Year warranty.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is strong and sturdy enough to provide full support.
  • It has a strong and firm backrest that provides maximum support for your backrest during practice sessions.


  • It is expensive.
  • The armrests are not padded and might be a bit uncomfortable after resting your arm for a long time.


The customer support service is prompt and effective. This is a chair you should buy if you want to enjoy practicing for long hours.

You would not need to worry about pains, strains, pressures, or aches in your back, lower region, or shoulders. The NOUHAUS swivel chair provides adequate comfort during practice sessions.

9. Nouhas Ergorask Swivel Chair

Best Chairs for Violin Practice

This is another chair made by Nouhaus Incorporated. You should consider buying this amazing edifice because of its distinctive qualities like the 2D headrest/backrest that provides maximum support for your lower back and neck.

The strong, height variable arms that support your arms and shoulders while playing the violin, the smooth and speedy rollerblade wheels that allows you to glide smoothly even while practicing, and the soft and breathable mesh seat that makes you comfortable and cool while practicing for long hours.

The Nouhaus ERGOTASK swivel chair is durable and strong enough to carry you no matter your weight with a maximum capacity of approximately 248lb.

It is also easy to assemble and set up after purchase because it comes with a set of clear instructions that would help you out during setup.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is strong and durable.
  • It makes sitting for long hours comfortable.
  • It has a strong lumbar support feature that prevents backaches and strains while practicing for long hours.
  • It has a 5-Year warranty.       


  • The seat is short and might be a little inconvenient for those who are tall in height.


10. TRIBESIGNS Ergonomic High-Back Chair

Best Chairs for Violin Practice

This is a chair that is best suited to meet your need. With its advanced feature, you can be guaranteed an amazing experience while using this chair.

You can use this chair however you want because of its amazing adjustable features like the adjustable footrest, backrest, armrest, and seat height adjustment feature.

The TRIBESIGNS Ergonomic High-back Chair would increase your performance during practice sessions and also create a good environment for you. It has a breathable mesh that makes you comfortable even while sitting for long hours.

The backrest is porous and allows air and body heat to pass through the holes thereby making your body cool and comfortable.


  • It is easy to install.
  • It is strong and sturdy.
  • It supports your shoulder and back very well during practice sessions.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • You can sit on this chair for long hours without sweating or feeling uncomfortable.


  • The lumbar support is not adjustable easily.
  • The recline adjustment is too weak when tightened to the maximum.
  • It might not accommodate anyone that weighs over 120pounds.

The TRIBESIGNS Ergonomic High-Back Chair is a chair you should try out as long as you are not over 120pounds because it has amazing features that would suit your taste and preference.


Things to consider when buying chairs for violin practice

Adjustable Height

One of the qualities to consider when buying a chair is the adjustable height feature. This is one of the things I considered before recommending the above-listed chairs to you. With the above-listed chairs, you can adjust the height to your own height for maximum comfort.


This is another quality I considered when putting together this article; To get maximum comfort from using a chair and during practice sessions, you must get a chair that has breathable material and soft cushioned padding which allows your body heat and air to pass freely while leaving your body at a comfortable temperature.

The above-listed chairs would serve this purpose.


As a violinist, you make the most use of your shoulders and arms. This is why you should consider buying a chair with armrests that would serve as a support for your arms and shoulders while practicing. This was also put into consideration while selecting the above-listed chairs.

Easy Adjustment Controls

It is extremely uncomfortable to always stress yourself to adjust your chair while practicing. This is an important feature to consider when selecting the type of chair to buy for your practice sessions.

It is important to buy a chair whose adjustment controls can be operated while sitting. You should be able to tilt forward and backward, swivel, and adjust the backrest and armrests from a seated position. The above-listed chairs meet this requirement.


The above-listed chairs are affordable for everyone. This is one of the things to consider whenever selecting a chair.

Endeavor to choose what suits your budget. We have listed out the best chairs which are affordable and offer the best comfort more than you expect to get during practice sessions.

Lumbar Support

Sitting down for long has health challenges which mostly affect the back. This is why choosing a good chair with an adequate lumbar support feature is a good way to prevent health issues.

The above-listed chairs fit well into this category. If you choose any of the above-listed chairs, you would enjoy full lumbar support and no longer have to worry about backaches and strains after long sessions of practice.

Conclusion on the best chairs for violin practice

Best Chairs for Violin Practice

The BILKOH Back Support Chair is an amazing chair that you should consider buying. Using this chair solved the problem of backaches and sprains for me.

Because of its biologically structured designs that are identical to the structure of the human body, it qualifies as the best chair that is suitable for practice sessions.

With the BILKOH Back Support chair, every challenges you face while practicing for long hours would be solved. With its ergonomic benefits, you can be fully assured of getting the best out of utilizing this chair always.