10 Best Saddle Chairs for Quilting

Using the most appropriate chair for every task makes you one step ahead, provided you want to have a productive day at work.

Similarly, this also applies while quilting; you need to make use of the best saddle chairs, not only getting a saddle chair but buying the best saddle chair for making a quilt will be the best option.

Before we get into the proper review, see my 5 top quilting chairs for you to make your pick.

Best Saddle Chairs for Quilting Features
APHRODITE Standard Mobile Chair Best Standard mobile saddle chair for quilting
Saddle Rolling Swivel Stool Best rolling saddle stool for quilting
Glitzhome Mid Century Bar Stool Great bar stool for quilting
Saddle Rolling Work Stool Best adjustable saddle stool for quilting
Diwhy Industrial Bar Stool Best budget stool for quilting

Individual features of these saddle chairs will serve as a better guide to choosing the saddle chair that will work better for quilting; they are set of the best saddle chairs you may never come across on the internet.

Extensive information about these saddle chairs will help you make a  good purchase decision.

Top Saddle Chairs for Quilting

Armen Living Madrid

Best Saddle Chairs for Quilting

One relevant feature that makes this saddle chair comfortable for quiltmakers is a result of it having a padded seat which will prevent you from feeling pains on your buttocks when sitting for long, there is also soft support where you can rest your back for total convenience.

If you are searching for a saddle chair that makes it very easier to adjust the height, getting the Madrid brand is one of the best decisions you can make. Irrespective of how tall or short you are, you can easily adjust this to what suits you.

Also, if you are used to sitting in the wrong posture, getting this saddle chair will help you prevent bad posture.

About the product

This is a modern stool; it can also be used for multiple tasks apart from making a quilt.

The design is topnotch, this saddle chair is made up of premium stainless steel, and the backrest has made the structure unique also giving users ultimate comfort.

The standard is a world-class type

According to customers review (5 stars) on Amazon, this product was given an average of 4.8 stars when it comes to budget, so you know you are getting it within your budget.

In terms of comfort, it has an average of 4.6 stars and a sturdiness of 4.9 stars. No one should tell you this is too perfect for you!

The seat material type is made up of fabric textile and a frame material made up of steel.


Flash Furniture 2 Pk. Contemporary blue vinyl

Best Saddle Chairs for Quilting

If you have ever tried a rolling stool before you will agree with me that most of these rolling chairs out there make sound and leave the ground with scrapes while gliding.

The Flash furniture 2 Pk is a very different type; it makes no noise and enables picking of the nearby objects with ease, not necessarily important to get up from the chair.

About the product

Comfortable: some of the features that make the Flash furniture 2 Pk very comfortable are the presence of the concave cushion designs and also a distinctive ergonomic.

The weight of this saddle chair is suitable for even thicker users, it is made up of heavy and sturdy metal.

The maximum weight capacity is 350 pounds.

This type of saddle chair can also be used in the salon, spa, studio, and other places.

The height is adjustable and more likely to be taller than most of the saddle chair used for quilting, the height ranges from 22.4 to 31 inches.

Assembling is very easy; you don’t have to use 10 minutes before you get the saddle chair coupled.


APHRODITE Standard Mobile Saddle Chair

Best Saddle Chairs for Quilting

You can also use this saddle chair for other tasks alongside quilting; this is one of those chairs with good structure. Its benefit includes affordability and quality.

Just like some other saddle chairs, this chair was structured in a way that can support sitting for hours; this is because the seat was made with 2 inches of leather material. It helps to prevent pains on the buttocks unlike other metallic chairs when you sit on them.

About the product

Saddle chairs provide support when users sit for a long time, but I will be rating the APHRODITE brand better than its competitors because this is what I use and enjoy.

The chair is lightened weight and very easy to assemble.

It enables users to slide effortlessly with the help of 5 caster wheels which allows owners to glide with simplicity.

The fact that it is lightweight may result in easy damage, although this is not always applicable in all cases, it will only get damaged when you rough- handle it.

Apart from being good quilting equipment, the chair is also perfect for salon, spa, it also fit in some clinical offices.

The seat dimension is 13’’x 13’’; the height of the seat is 19’’ to 27’’ while the weight limit falls under 200-240 pounds.


Jobri better posture saddle chair

Best Saddle Chairs for Quilting

This is one of the top-rated saddle chairs for quilters, judging from experiences and researches, the brand generally has earned a lot of positive reviews on the internet.

Highlighting the fact that this saddle chair help correct posture, the way it was structured enables upright sit, so since you are using it, you don’t have to worry about your posture, it going to take care of that.

While sitting, it helps align the back, shoulder, and neck, likewise keeping the thighs and hips in a natural curve. There is also a feature that helps adjust the angle to the seat; you can blend the angle of the seat just to make sure you are sitting comfortably.

You may also decide to increase or decrease the height of the chair, this depends on how tall or short you are.

About the product

The Jobri better posture saddle chair is made up of an aluminum frame that has a leather seat of 2.4 inches thick.

It has the height adjustment feature.

Tilt adjustment, help to change the angle of the seat in other to feel comfortable

The height of the chair fall under the range of 21’’ to 28’’

This product is recommended for individuals with active occupations which includes sitting more than standing.

It is a good instrument for amending bad posture.


Glitzhome Mid Century Bar Stool

According to the manufacturer, this chair can be used for your domestic bar apart from using it to make quilts.

The edges are clean and furnished with double baseball hemming, has a soft padded seat which helps to prevent back and buttock pain. Its legs are coated with power metal and this is one of those responsible factors for a long-lasting saddle chair.

Its affordability should be a vital note here, yet not denying exposure to other amazing features it has for its users.

If you are on a low budget, this is one of the best saddle chairs you should get for quilting work; you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount in other to get a comfortable chair where there are cheap ones for the same purpose.

About the product

It is very comfortable to use, unlike other competitive brands, the saddle chair has complete features which ensure quilters who work for long a time feel no pain in the process of quilting.

It is very durable and above all, easy to clean. In most cases where you find it difficult or time-wasting to get rid of stains and dirt on your chairs, using this saddle chair helps prevent the frustration which it may result in.

It has the height adjustable feature.

Very easy to assemble when purchased.

The maximum weight is 300 pounds.


Saddle Rolling Swivel Stool

The comfort it has to give cannot be compared to its price; it has the complete feature, the soft padded seat, backrest, movement features and, so on.

You can adjust the height of the chair and its angle in other to set it in whichever way is convenient for you. The swivel stool is a complete saddle chair for quilting!

About the product

Ergonomic saddle design; the seat has been structured in a way that gives confidence and convenience.

The leather is made up of waterproof material, also having resistance to oil and starches, this one of the reasons why the life span of the product will last longer.

Sturdy construction.

Just like most of the saddle chairs in this review, the Saddle Rolling Swivel Stool also has a way users can increase or decrease the height of the stool.

The height of the chair falls under the range of 19.7’’ to 25.2’’.


Topower American Industrial Antique

This chair is a work from home type, it has a backrest structure- this is an assurance of working for a very long hour because it has support to lean the back on.

According to my experience, the Topower America industrial antique is a unique saddle chair that has proved to be helpful by reducing spinal discomfort while quilting. For decades now, it has maintained its good reputation across the US and Europe.

It is also very affordable.

About the product

It is a heavy-duty likewise a sturdy metal base which allows for a  maximum weight of 400 pounds.

It has a comfortable cushion which was made out of a new thick sponge and coated with premier denser leather.

It has a 360-degree rotational seat, also a seat whose height can be adjusted to whatever you want.

The dimension of the product is 21 x23 x31 inches.


Saddle Rolling Work Stool

This is an adjustable stool, well-designed and at the peak of giving comfort even while sitting for hours. Apart from using it for quilting, the wheel has made it very easy to be used by many workers from a different field, because it suits the nature of several jobs.

The chair wheel enables you to glide around within your workspace without making noise, the gliding joints were made with a good lubricant which also made the movement effortless.

About the product

It is adjustable with gas lift features.

This product weighs an average of 15.72 pounds, which means it is made with light metal, and as a result of this, it may seem so fragile.

It has a soft vinyl covering which makes it suitable for various functions.

The dimension of the ratio is 25 widths, 25 diameters 44 inched in height, having the weight capacity not more than 250 pounds.

When extended to the maximum height, it may be a little uncomfortable.

This saddle chair is easy to assemble; the assembling is done in  5 minutes.

It is suitable for hard floors.


Diwhy Industrial Bar Stool

This is one of those multi-functional chairs, apart from using it for quilting; it can also be used in offices.

The only con it has is the absence of a backside where you can rest your back, neglecting the cons, the Diwhy stool is also a good chair for making a quilt.

The seat is fully padded with a soft pad that is 2 inches thick, it is a good chair for rolling and also giving you the comfort you want.

About this product

The seat of this chair is large enough; its dimension is 15.7’’ and 4.7’’ in thickness.

The chair height falls under 26-32 inches

The movement is done in a way that ensures absolute silence, it does not scratch the floor, it is also suitable for hardwood floor, tiles and most likely to be used on rocky ground.

Its height can be adjustable, you may be the short type here and you don’t feel comfortable with the height, this is a very suitable chair for you since you can adjust it to what you think really fit your height.

Very easy to assemble, if this is your first time operating a saddle chair, you don’t have to call someone before coupling it, the product manual itself is well explanatory.

You should be able to finish the assembly within 5 minutes, even though it’s your first time assembling a chair for your quilting job.



If I should rate, this chair will be on my top 3, it is very affordable and easy to maintain.

This saddle chair is designed in a way that makes it more comfortable for works that require long hours; a very portable and strong type, hereby having the tendency to be used for a long period of time, unlike some other chairs which are flexible and fragile.

According to the review of past and present users, some were disappointed in the product, it is possible most of these users need something bigger, but since you will be using it for quilting, this is a better option for you, I also substitute this chair in my bar.

From the previous reviews, it has an average rating of 4.7 stars in easy assemble, which means it takes few minutes to get it coupled after purchase.

About this product

This chair weighs an average of 20.3 pounds.

The dimension are 15.4 x 15.2 x 12.4 inches.

It is one of the easiest chairs to assemble; you get it assembled in 4 minutes.

Preferably to be used on a carpeted floor without a heavy base sliding.


Why using a saddle chair for quilting?

The act of quilting takes an average of 30 to 90 minutes, this is where the reason for using a saddle chair will come in.

I have zero doubt you don’t want to experience back-ache after you sit on a regular chair for a long time. The fact is, using a regular chair cannot prevent back-ache.

Using a saddle chair while making your quilt has its way of giving you the best posture which will prevent pains; also make your work easier.

One of those reasons you can get your job done easier is as a result of its texture, thick foam, and also flexible.

I don’t know if you have experienced this; most times you work and then later have to take a break in other to get your body structure in place. A good saddle chair will prevent that.

What was considered before selecting these saddle chairs?


All the saddle chairs in this review were screened for adjustability. Who knows, the buyer may be taller or otherwise, since both the tall and the short buyer will not be using a chair with the same height, it is advisable to go for a chair whose length can be easily adjusted.

Apart from adjusting the length of the chair, you can also adjust the angle of the seat if the angle is not okay for you.

Seat depth

Take a fast glance at the products above; they all have a seat depth that can prevent buttocks ache, comparing these products to some metallic chairs where you apparently can’t seat for 25 minutes before you feel that pain on your buttocks.

Apart from preventing pains, the seat depth is also a perfect factor to consider because it aids a productive day, you don’t have to take an unnecessary break from work because of the pressure your chair has on your buttock.


Not everyone can afford an expensive saddle chair, this is one of the reasons this review will be the most complete analysis for the best saddle chair use for quilting.

This is because it is economical yet not neglecting the fact that the set of perfect saddle chair quilting should be enlisted.

An average saddle chair in this review should cost you $250; this will make you spend lesser.


Very important, the material of the saddle chairs must also be taken into consideration!

All the saddle chairs in this review are made from quality leather and steel, including aluminum.

Although the qualities of the material you are looking for may vary, if you are looking for a saddle chair that will give utmost comfort while quilting, then I am sure this content has saved you the stress!

These chairs were made with materials that enable good posture.

The fact that you don’t want to get a saddle chair that will not last you long should be a key note here, this is why most of the chairs here are durable for making a quilt.

Also, based on domestic use and other relevant research, these chairs are the top 10 saddle chairs with a long life span.


A quick reminder, all these saddle chairs were properly taken into consideration before been shared with you which saddle chair works better while quilting, but even though they are well equipped to do the work better, you can’t purchase all.

You just have to stick to one, and buy!…

Apparently, I used more than 4 of these saddle chairs, some in the bar, some in the office, but I use APHRODITE Standard Mobile Chair most time for quilting.

I have tried most of these saddle chairs, some I experienced while friends and family use them, but I personally recommend APHRODITE Standard Mobile Chair for some reasons.

This chair has a useful structure like the back-rest, the leather padding, the 360 degrees turning, and a lot more. All these work together to bring comfort.

Apart from these qualities, it helps keep the structure of the pelvis in appropriate condition, this is what most people don’t look out for.

The pelvis is the bony part below your bladder, if you work for hours, then be sure you are at risk of damaging your pelvis if you are not using a chair similar to APHRODITE structure.

The structure is scary, so I have made it easier for you by picking out the best!