7 Best Stools for Reloading Bench

In this article, I have gathered and reviewed the best stools for reloading bench. These stools have been specially designed to offer stability, comfort, balance, and durability while you work on your reloading bench.

My 5 top picks of these amazing stools for reloading bench are outlined in the table below.

Best stools for reloading bench Features
WORKPRO Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shop Stool Best Hydraulic stool for reloading bench
SuperJare Adjustable Stool Best adjustable stool for reloading bench
Amazon Basics Multi-Purpose Stool Excellent multipurpose stool for reloading bench
Boss Office stool Budget stool for reloading bench
Busted Knuckle Garage Stool Amazing backrest stool for reloading bench

Anyone who reloads their own bullets should know the essence of having a reloading bench as it allows you to work comfortably.

Reloading your own bullets can take your time, effort, and space. A very good example is when you are reloading .30-06 Springfield, it surely would take your time.

This is why you need to have the proper working area for reloading bench and an ideal complementary stool that will ensure comfort and balance while you spend time on your reloading bench.

Best Stools for Reloading Bench

You may have the best workbench at your disposal, but there is more to it. Much attention is not usually paid to the best stools for reloading bench however important it is.

If you have a reloading bench at home, you really want to get an ideal stool for reloading benches. Your reloading bench is that working table that has numerous storage that makes it easier to keep everything in place.

Reloading benches are just not your average working table, and so the chairs you use for regular desk tables will be certainly different from the ones recommended for reloading benches.

Just as keeping your tools organized becomes difficult without a workbench, so it is as ideal stools makes working on reloading benches easier, even for longer hours.

Without wasting much time, let’s dive into the reason why you are here.

Full review of the best stools for reloading bench

1. WORKPRO Heavy Duty Adjustable Hydraulic Shop Stool

Best Stools for Reloading Bench


  • A Black Heavy-duty Adjustable Hydraulic Shop Stool
  • Perfect for sitting with reloading bench and other workshop activities.
  • Requires assembling
  • The stool has the capacity to rotate at 360 degrees.
  • Padded soft seat for comfort
  • Heavy-duty structure
  • The load capacity is at a maximum of 330lbs (150kgs).


  • Easy adjustment
  • 360 degree for maximum flexibility
  • Well-padded seat for a comfortable place to sit
  • 330lbs weight capacity


  • This is an excellent stool. If I am to point at something negative, it would be the top of the stool. It seems a little slippery as you get on, but there is no probs once you get on.


  • Black Color
  • The frame is made of Steel Material
  • The Seat Material is Plastic Type
  • From reputable WORKPRO Brand
  • Designed with Chrome Furniture Finish
  • Has a padded soft seat

This amazing stool from Workpro is exactly what you need for your reloading bench. It is made with a heavy-duty structure and can rotate 360-degree for maximum flexibility.

This WORKPRO Heavy Duty adjustable hydraulic shop stool may require assembling but thanks to the easy-to-understand instruction manual that should be read carefully before assembling.

Having a maximum weight capacity of 330lbs (150KGS, this ideal stool for reloading bench features Hydraulic Seat Height that adjusts from 29 inches to 33. 86 inches (75 to 86 cm)


2. SuperJare Adjustable Stool

Best Stools for Reloading Bench


  • Made with High-dense soft sponge fills contoured cushions
  • Includes back support that eliminates and reduces back fatigue.
  • The height of the backrest is adjustable and can be tilted  as needed
  • The rolling stool can be adjusted from 20-28 “
  • Made with a comfortable footrest that allows the stool to be used in a higher position.
  • Equipped with smooth and durable wheels
  • Wheels are noiseless and safe for all floor
  • Long-lasting sturdy aluminum base
  • Weight capacity:350 lbs.
  • Comes with assembly instruction


  • Comfortable
  • Super easy to assemble
  • Sturdy base
  • Ergonomic
  • Larger adjustable height
  • Solid footrest
  • Smooth Wheels


  • Something to frown at is the fact that the hydraulics are a bit jumpy. Aside from that, you would be delighted to have this stool in your reloading bench space


  • Black Color
  • Maximum Weight is 250 Pounds
  • The frame is made of Aluminum Material
  • Item Weight: 23.7 pounds
  • Warranty: 1 year.

They call this a really big step up from the usual stool chair. I can’t agree enough because, apart from the fact that this adjustable stool chair has an ergonomic back, can be adjusted, and supports your back very well, it also encourages good posture while you work on your reloading bench.

I also like that the stool seat is filled with a high-density soft sponge, this is the very soft and comfortable surface you need when working on a reloading bench as it allows you to use it for a long time without fatigue.

Kudos to the sturdy aluminum base and durable wheels, safe for the floor, and does not make noise. This impressive stool is also about 3 inches higher than the usual stool chair, allowing it to be usable in other situations and not just for reloading benches.

Lastly, this impressive stool from Antlu features a solid footrest, making it usable at a higher point and still have a very comfortable experience.


3. Sunex 8516 Hydraulic Shop Stool

Best Stools for Reloading Bench


  • The seat of the stool is easily adjustable in height from 29” to 34”.
  • Features a vinyl padded backrest and seat that offers maximum support and comfort
  • Offers leveling on uneven surfaces.
  • Designed with a high polished chrome finish that makes it elegant
  • 250 pounds Maximum capacity


  • Slip-resistant feet
  • Hydraulic seat adjustment
  • Comfortable
  • High-polished chrome finish
  • 250 pounds Maximum capacity


  • This is not a really good stool for you if you want something to sit on while you work for HOURS, it is best for an hour at a time.


  • Silver Color
  • The frame is made of Metal Material
  • The Seat Material is Plastic Type
  • From Sunex Tools Brand
  • Designed with Chrome Furniture Finish
  • Item Weight: 21 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 25.2 x 19.13 x 5.67 inches
  • Made of Chrome, Steel Material
  • Round Shape
  • Item Package: Quantity 1
  • Maximum Weight Capacity is 250 Pounds

I can’t wait to introduce this amazing Sunex 8516 Hydraulic Shop Stool. It has a hydraulic seat adjustment that can be easily adjusted in the height from 29” to 34”.

If you do not work on your reloading bench for long hours, this is a very good pick. It is made with a comfortable, vinyl padded backrest and seat that offers maximum comfort and support.

More accolades to the high-polished chrome finish that adds to its sleek beauty, making it a wonderful addition to your working area or shop. It Holds a maximum capacity of 250 pounds. It also rotates 360 degrees.


4. Amazon Basics Multi-Purpose Adjustable Stool

Best Stools for Reloading Bench


  • Durable stool with black bonded leather upholstery
  • Has a 250-pound weight capacity
  • Features an adjustable seat height (from 30.3 to 36.2 inches)
  • Can Swivel 360-degree
  • Designed with chrome arched base with heavy-duty, dual-wheel casters
  • HAs supportive back cushion measures 16.5 by 10.2 inches (WxH)
  • Equipped with a sturdy footrest
  • Backed by an Amazon Basics one-year limited warranty


  • Good height for reloading bench
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fairly comfortable
  • Durable
  • Backrest and wheels


  • Black Color
  • Frame is made of Metal Material
  • The Seat Material is Leather Type
  • From Amazon Basics Brand
  • Designed with Chrome Furniture Finish
  • Item Weight: 24.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 18.5 x 15.75 x 42.91 inches
  • Assembled Seat Height: 36.2 Inches

Apart from all the factors that a stool for reloading bench must have that I have seen in this stool, It is very simple to assemble. You will not have any problem putting this durable stool together as it comes with good instructions.

This stool is also very comfortable and ideal to sit down on for hours working on your reloading bench. This is because the seat of the stool is 16 inches wide. Plus, it is equipped with a backrest that really supports your sitting posture.


5. Boss Office stool


  • Features an ergonomic design that resonates with the natural shape of the spine
  • Upholstered in durable Caressoft vinyl
  • Adjustable seat height
  • 6″ vertical height range
  • Attractive chrome finish on the base
  • Equipped with foot ring and gas lift
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning


  • CaresoftPlus Fabric
  • 3″ Plush Cushion
  • Also ideal for commercial Use
  • Height Adjustable
  • 275-lb. weight capacity
  • Easy Assembly


  • There was no downside detected in this stool, it appears it works really great and most of its users are quite satisfied with its overall performance.


  • Black Color
  • Made with Material Stainless-Steel
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH25 x 25 x 47 inches
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation is 250 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 26 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 47 inches
  • Assembled Height: 47 inches
  • Assembled Width: 25 inches
  • Assembled Length: 25 inches
  • Assembled Seat Height: 34 Inches
  • Weight 62 Pounds

Speaking of a functional and stylish addition to any home, office, or workplace, this Boss B16245-BK Caressoft stool is one that stands out among others in its class. It is lovable for its compact design measuring 25″W X 25″D X 41″-47″ H.

It is most people’s favorite possibly because of its versatility, combined with a durable black Caressoft vinyl covering that is easy to maintain.

It is equipped with an ergonomic back design that assumes the shape of the spine, which improves comfort and promotes productivity.


6. Busted Knuckle Garage Stool


  • Standard workbench height of 29-1/2 inches
  • Stationary seat
  • Features a single ring construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Non swiveling
  • Perfect addition for reloading bench


  • Easy assembly


  • The cushion seat isn’t very soft as expected.
  • Non swiveling
  • There are complaints that the metal tubing isn’t very thick as it should be.


  • Multi-col
  • Frame is made of Metal Material
  • From Busted Knuckle Brand
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH26.25 x 4 x 20.5 inches
  • Round Shape
  • Item Weight: 9.63 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 26.25 x 4 x 20.5 inches

This is a good pick especially when you are looking for a stool for reloading bench that does not swivel.

It features a stationary seat and single ring construction. It will take you less than ten minutes to put this together. Recommended for reloading bench.


7. Topower Wooden Tractor Stool


  • This is an industrial stylish iron tractor stool
  • It is also a height-adjustable stool
  • Features round pine seat for comfortable and relaxed sitting
  • Made of durable cast iron and high-quality solid pine
  • Wood Seat Dia is 13inch, which thickness is 1.57inch
  • The powder coating craft protect bar stool from rust
  • Equipped with a metal base of an adjustable floor protection device
  • Versatile such that it can be used for a loft space or serve as a space saver
  • Comes with assembly instructions.


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stylish
  • Handcraft


  • No disadvantages detected.


  • Copper Color
  • Frame is made of Steel Material
  • The Seat Material is Wood Type
  • From Topower Brand
  • Round Shape
  • Industrial Tractor Seat Style
  • Made of Cast Iron + SOLID PINE WOOD Material
  • Powder Coating and handicraft oil painting
  • Height Adjustable: 15cm / 5.91″
  • Load Capacity: 200kg /440LB
  • Seat Size:33cm – 3cm
  • Chair Weight: 10.8kg / 24.35LB

Topower Industrial Retro Vintage Farm Wooden Tractor Stool is a vintage, industrial-style stool from TOPOWER that enhances the industrial stylish decor.

It is special for its unique structure and tasteful aesthetics. This is the stool you need in order to brighten up your setting.

It is durable and comfortable. Features cast iron construction that offers maximum stability and durability.


Ultimate buying guide: how to choose the best stool for reloading bench

As I mentioned in the beginning, Finding an ideal chair for reloading bench may not be difficult because more attention is not giving to these types of chairs so it is easy to find a very good one.

When choosing a stool for reloading bench, your major focus should be comfort and safety. In other words, an ideal chair for reloading bench is one that is adjustable and has more options the better.

While a majority of the stools ideal for reloading bench are actually stools without backrest, you can find ones with a low backrest that provide lumbar support for the lower back.

A good stool for this purpose should also feature a durable frame and footrest.

Many people do argue that one would need a stool with an armrest for reloading bench, but I do not think so. While armrests in stools will prevent tiredness or strain on your arms, they could actually force you to sit too far from the reloading bench, and overreaching in this event will cause lower back pain.

When you want to pick the right chair for reloading bench, there are a number of factors to consider. This will guide you in choosing the right chair for you.

Also, I have grouped these factors under three major nuggets on what you need to know about buying a chair for reloading bench. The four factors are choosing ones that are of ergonomic design or not, the style, the material, and design.

We begin with ergonomic or not.

Ergonomic design

I’d start with this factor because a lot of people think that stools for any workshop activity don’t necessarily have to be of ergonomic design.

It is important that you consider ergonomics as crucial when choosing any work equipment especially chairs and stools because it is certain that we will spend a considerable amount of time on the desk and we need to be healthy working that you get it right.

Whatever stool you have chosen, you want to make sure that it is adjustable enough to allow you to work safely at your reloading bench.

Although, there are some considerable tall stools that are ideal for reloading bench as you have seen in some of the stools in the review.

Comfort is indispensable when choosing a stool for reloading bench or any other activity, in this connection, it is ideal to choose chairs that allow your legs to be bent at a 90° angle with your feet flat on the floor or on the footrest.

You need a stool that will not require you to strain your neck up or down to view what you are doing on your reloading bench.

The style of the stool

Let be spell it out here that ordinary office chairs might not provide the necessary height to reach the top of reloading benches. The same goes for workshops and workbenches.

This is a reason why you have to take into consideration the style of the stool you have chosen.

You will notice that most ideal stools for reloading benches feature a foot ring that allows you to rest your feet even when the chair is lifted fairly high from the floor.  Unlike most regular desk chairs, the chairs that are best for reloading benches are usually fully adjustable with optional armrests.

Choosing stools for reloading benches also requires you to look out for models that are made from durable materials, resistant to acids and alkalis and can be easily cleaned e.g wipe-clean surfaces.

The material the stool is made of

Needless to say, stools available for reloading benches come in a variety of materials. Most ideal stools, as you have seen in the review deploy the use of a surface material over a foam filling for cushioning.

A lot of people do choose leather over other types of materials for stools. Leather is a good choice because it is more resistant to stains than fabric as it needs only a wipe down to be cleaned.

Most leather stools for reloading benches are also of luxurious quality.

However, If you want a stool that will provide comfort for longer, then Vinyl stools can be good because they are usually slightly padded. The best part of its advantage is that it is resistant to staining, damage, ripping, and damage. The reason why some people decide not to go with it is that the material is not breathable.

Conclusion on the best stools for reloading bench

We have come to the end of the best stools for reloading bench. The stools reviewed in this post are stools that will adapt to small movements, such as slightly reclining with your body while you carry on with reloading bullets.

You will notice that some of the stools reviewed in this post feature wheels at the bottom of the legs, they are a good choice in a situation where you need to move to different parts of a reloading bench without stretching and overreaching.

And even when you want stools for reloading bench that will not move inappropriately, I have included stools with lockable wheels such that the wheels lock in place when weight is applied. Others of this classification have only sturdy legs but no wheels.

The stools recommended in this post, as you have seen are also designed with a decent padded seat surface. In other words, they are enough to support your weight, but not hard enough that you can feel pressure on the base of your pelvis.

I understand how the need to sit for long hours on reloading benches may arise, that is why stools with extra lumbar support have also been featured in this review post for the purpose of both supporting the back and allowing airflow especially when you work in a hot environment.

If you’ve got any really cool stool for reloading bench that I have not included in this list, kindly recommend it in the comment section below.