9 Best Workbench for Leatherworking

It is impossible to deny the importance of a solid workbench, especially for leather-working. Are you looking for a very good workbench for your leatherworking space? Look no further!

If you are in a hurry, I have created a list below outlining my top 5 workbenches for leatherworking.

Best Workbench for Leatherworking Features
Durham Workbench Best overall and for heavy-duty


Olympia Tools 48-Inch Hardwood Workbench Best for easy assembly
WORKPRO 60″ Adjustable Workbench Best for height settings
FLEXIMOUNTS Workbench Best for load-bearing capacity
WEN Workbench Best for the organization of tools

It is not enough to have a durable stool/chair for your leatherwork activities. You will need a strong work surface that is designed with sturdy construction.

Let me also spell it out here that not all workbench is ideal for the leather-working craft. An ideal workbench for leatherworking should not only be durable but also be designed with plenty of storage.

It can be a tricky task to choose the RIGHT workbench specifically for leather-working, and even when you do, you want to make sure it is versatile and worth the price.

I have considered the workbenches reviewed in this post as the best for leather-working because I have ensured that they suit the size of your work surface, effective storage mechanism, durable construction, space-saving, and of course, affordability.

My top picks of the 9 top workbench for leatherworking

To be very realistic, the only tool in the leatherworking workshop that is prone to excess use and abuse is the workbench. All the shaving, scraping, and sanding, painting, and designing of leather takes place on the workbench.

The workbench serves as the leather works activity center, this is what makes it very important want must be chosen wisely when being bought.

Most significantly, I have realized that leatherworkers of today expect their benches to do more, what with their arsenal of hand and power tools, and stools.

Hence, I have crucially made sure that the chairs reviewed in this post are versatile and serve multiple purposes with long-lasting durability.

This is because, as a leatherworker, the more time you spend in the shop, the selective you become when choosing the type of workbench that best serves your needs.

In no particular order, here are the best top workbenches for leatherworking:

Olympia Tools 48-Inch Hardwood Workbench

Best Workbench for Leatherworking


  • Best ideal for leatherworking and woodworking project.
  • Measures 4 feet in length and 1 foot 8 inches in depth
  • Crafted from hard Acacia wood with varnish finish
  • Features a sliding drawer and convenient storage shelf
  • Good for home or professional workshop.
  • Features durable and long-lasting tools
  • professional-grade quality


  • Carpentry and Assembly
  • The Right Tool for the Job leatherworks
  • Superior Instruments
  • Made to Last
  • Easy Woodworking


  • The work surface is not ideal for anything beyond leatherwork, but it is well-engineered


  • Made of durable Wood Material
  • From the Olympia Tools Brand
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH55.51 x 20.87 x 5.12 inches
  • Item Weight: 48.5 Pounds
  • 330lbs Weight Capacity
  • Assembly Required

Olympia Tools 48-Inch Hardwood Workbench features a 330lbs Weight Capacity, and it is made of the laminated acacia workbench that adds beauty and a unique look to the product. It is very easy to assemble and sturdy enough for leatherworking.

It is significant for those who are new to using a workbench in the leatherworking business because it comes with upgraded assembly instruction that makes the product easier to assemble

The general dimension is L1260xW500xH860mm. And it is only perfect for the small working area such as a workshop.


WORKPRO 60″ Adjustable Workbench

Best Workbench for Leatherworking


  • The worktable is made of rubberwood
  • Features the transparent coating of environmental protection.
  • Features fitted power outlet for the workbench – 4 AC Outlets and 2 USB-A ports on the power strip. Features 1-3/16-inch thick solid hardwood
  • Detailed installation instructions for this workbench included in the package


  • Adjustment Height Workbench
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Multipurpose Workstation
  • ETL Certification Power Strip
  • Hard rubberized wood


 This is a very nice and decent workbench that works great for leatherworking. It is sturdy and excellent. No Downsides detected.


  • Takes 20 mins max to assemble
  • The size of the worktable is 60in * 22in * 31-1/2in.
  • The height adjustment range is 31-1/2in~ 39-3/8in.

The WORKPRO 60″ Adjustable Workbench is made of rubberwood. I like that because it is very strong and hard to wear.

It also features a transparent coating of environmental protection that makes the workbench long-lasting.

Having a Maximum load bearing up to 2000LBS, this WORKPRO 60″ Adjustable Workbench features 3 different height settings on the sturdy steel frame that allows you to adjust the height to suit your leatherworking chair.

It is a workbench that has the ideal surface for leatherworking and other workshop activities with its 1-3/16-inch thick solid hardwood.


FLEXIMOUNTS Workbench with Built-In Organizer Drawer

Best Workbench for Leatherworking


  • Designed with high-quality craftsmanship
  • maximum weight capacity up to 3000lbs.
  • Made from 100% rubberwood
  • Features a beautiful surface that can withstand all your leatherworking requirement
  • It’s coated with an environment-friendly varnish
  • Features a convenient pull-out drawer in the worktop
  • A simple and sturdy design for multipurpose applications
  • You just need an adjustable wrench for easy assembly of this workbench


  • Adjustable Leveling Feet
  • Durable Material & Sturdy Frame
  • 1″ Extra-Thick Solid Wood Surface
  • Can be Used Anywhere
  • Built-In Storage Drawer


  • No disadvantages detected


  • Manufactured by Fleximounts
  • Product Dimensions 48 x 24 x 37.4 inches
  • Size 48 x 24 x 37.4 inches

FLEXIMOUNTS Workbench with Built-In Organizer Drawer is made from 100% rubberwood and also equipped with a beautiful surface that is ideal for your leatherworking activities and will surely last for years to come.

Most significantly is the fact that the workbench is coated with an environment-friendly varnish to ensure safety.

The FLEXIMOUNTS Workbench is also equipped with a convenient pull-out drawer in the worktop for storage space for your workshop supplies.

The design of this workbench will perfectly match the rest of the structure in your work area.


WEN Workbench with Light and Power Outlets


  • Versatile workbench for leatherworkers, woodworkers, mechanics, and anyone who needs the proper organization of tools
  • Features two drawers, upper and lower storage shelves
  • Features pegboard for easy organization
  • Equipped with an Enamel-coated tabletop
  • Non-marring 220-pound capacity work surface
  • Includes three built-in 13-amp power outlets
  • Equipped with overhead fluorescent light


  • Easy to fold
  • great sturdiness
  • Reasonable Thickness
  • Instruction quality
  • Value for money
  • Easy to assemble


  • I do not advise you to lose any fasteners because the hardware kit includes exactly the number of fasteners you need to assemble the bench
  • The 14 watts Light is fine for the general lighting of the bench, but not enough for detailed work.


  • Manufactured by WEN
  • Item Weight: 88.5 pounds
  • The Dimensions of the product is 47.38 x 25 x 61.75 inches
  • 1 Item Package
  • Included Components Workbench

If you are looking for the best workbench that will offer great organization, power, and light, then this WEN WB4723 48-Inch Workbench is a very good pick.

It features a spacious works station that measures 62 inches tall with a 25 by 48-inch footprint.

Storage is enhanced with this workbench as it is equipped with pegboard combined with the two 20 by 18-inch drawers.

WEN WB4723 48-Inch Workbench is simply providing you a reliable work surface for all your various needs and not just leatherworking.

Significantly is the overhead fluorescent lightbulb that illuminates your workspace while working on leather, this is coupled with the three side-mounted 120V 13-amp outlets that offer accessible power whenever it’s needed.


HOMCOM Fir Wood Work Table with X-Shape Bracket


  • Original fir wood is used in making this table
  • Designed with an X-shaped bracket for adding extra stability.
  • Weight capacity up to 440lbs
  • Features a large work surface
  • Ideal for repair, design drawing, leatherworking, etc.
  • The side table surface can be used as a storage table


  • Quality material
  • Wide usage
  • Large tabletop
  • High stability
  • Great for holding various tools and heavy-duty items.


  • The only possible problem that can be identified with this workbench is that it doesn’t have markings on where to put the legs


  • Black Color and Natural Wood Color
  • Material is of Steel, Fir Wood
  • Overall Dimensions 45.75″L x 27.5″W x 33.5″H
  • Tabletop Size 45.75″L x 27.5″W x 1”T
  • Feet Size 22”L x 1.25”W x 32.5”H
  • Feet Cube Size 1.25”L x 2”W x 0.05”T
  • Weight Capacity 440lbs

You need enough workstations to repair, create or craft your leather? This HOMCOM Multipurpose fir woodwork table is there for you!

The design of the chair is convenient and professional.

If normal tabla can’t satisfy you, this HOMCOM fir woodwork table will meet expectations.


Durham HDWB-3660-177-95 Workbench


  • The top is 3/16-inches thick reinforced steel
  • Features 7 gauge steel corner gussets
  • The dimension of the legs is 2-inches by 2-inches by 1/4-inches solid steel angle iron
  • Equipped with footpads that have pre-drilled holes


  • Added strength with its 7 gauge steel corner gussets
  • Best heavy duty workbench
  • Features foot pads


  • Quite expensive but worth the price!


  • Product Dimensions is 60 x 36 x 34.25 inches
  • 86 Pounds
  • Item Weight is 273 pounds
  • Manufactured by Durham

Durham HDWB-3660-177-95 Workbench is an Extra Heavy Duty Workbench that features a 3/16″ reinforced steel top.

It is also designed with 2 shelves and a drawer.

Painted with a gray color, this is an attractive workbench that suits any workshop activity. Though it may be on the high side, it is worth every penny.

The top is 3/16-inches thick reinforced steel providing a stable and decently large area of space for your leatherworking.


SIRUITON Steel Workbench Tool Storage


  • The workbench is made of a solid steel frame and heavy-duty MDF panel
  • Worksurface of the bench can handle the heavy load of tool storage
  • Holds up to 302 lbs.
  • Comfortable height for work while seated or standing
  • MDF worktop for ample space
  • Designed with a pegboard with hooks for hanging small leatherworking tools,
  • Equipped with a drawer with 4 handles
  • Powder-coated finish for water and rust resistance
  • non-slip rubber feet to prevent scratch on your floor.
  • Assembly needed
  • The product comes with assembly instruction


  • Durable and 300Lbs Carrying Capacity
  • Perfect Workbench
  • Smart Tool Storage
  • Simple Assembly and Recommended Use
  • Waterproofing and Rust Prevention


  • No downside detected


  • Manufactured by SIRUITON
  • Size is 63in

SIRUITON Steel Workbench Tool Storage is a brand new and high-quality workbench that is absolutely ideal for business or personal use. It features a solid-steel frame and durable MDF construction.

The workbench is designed with a back pegboard for organizing leatherworking tools. This is coupled with the drawer which offers extra storage for smaller items

Kudos to this workbench for its high-quality craftsmanship and strict quality control. It is sturdy and stable enough as it holds up to 302 lbs.


Sealey AP12160 Workbench with Drawer


  • Features a Boltless design
  • Minimal tools being required for assembly
  • Includes One large drawer with ball bearing slides
  • Features fitted two handles
  • The measurement of the worktop is 1210 x 605mm (W x D)
  • A comfortable work height of 900mm


  • Because it is designed the boltless way, you can easily assemble it
  • The unit is made easy to assemble due to its boltless design
  • Ideal for leatherworking specially
  • Height is ideal for any size of user
  • Two fitted handles for support


  • This workbench is a cool one only that the surfaces made of MDF could be a little thicker


  • Manufactured by Sealey
  • Item Weight: 8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 81 x 3.94 x 11.81 inches
  • Size: 2 m
  • Black Color
  • One Item Package Quantity

Sealey AP12160 Workbench with Drawer is a very interesting workbench to use. I am recommending it as one of the best workbenches to use for leatherworking for some significant reasons.

The workbench features a boltless design that makes the assembling process really simple and easy. In addition, it is equipped with a drawer for extra storage space for your leatherworking tools.

Whether you choose to sit or stand, the height of this workbench is right for you!


Homak Workbench With 3 Drawers

Best Workbench for Leatherworking


  • Features a large, matted top for more workspace
  • 5-Inch thick laminated wood work surface
  • 45-Pound drawers
  • Dimensions: 23.63″ X 78.38″ X 42.31″
  • Weight: 118 lbs
  • Hmc tubular locks with 100 combinations
  • Load capacity: 440-pound frame


  • High-Quality Construction
  • Smooth Ball Bearing Glides
  • Perfect For Organizing


  • The unit may appear less easy to assemble because the instruction guide is not detailed enough.


  • Manufactured by Homak Manufacturing
  • Item Weight: 134 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 63 x 78.38 x 42.13 inches
  • Size: 79-Inch
  • Workbench – 3 Drawers
  • Black Color
  • 79-Inch Workbench – 3 Drawers style
  • Features Black Finish
  • Material is of Wood, Steel

Homak 79-Inch Workbench With 3 Drawers and Wood Top and all its other units are manufactured with High-Quality Steel and also HMC high-security tubular locking system.

The workbench also comes with mounting hardware to improve convenience. For a more smooth open and close, the pull-out drawers of this Homak 79-Inch Workbench feature ball-bearing glides.

This workbench proves to be a very good addition to either your work area where you do your leatherworking or the workshop.

This multi-unit steel garage system may be all you need to have the best leatherworking experience ever.

It is a workbench that makes workshop activities organized and effective.


Buying Guide: What to consider before choosing any workbench for leatherworking

Before you invest money in a workbench, there are some things I want you to know, they are important features to look out for in any workbench, significantly for leatherworking.

The general thing everybody knows as a feature to look out for when choosing tools like workbench is to make sure that it is of high quality.

But what really are the features that make it high quality for great functionality?

An ideal workbench for leatherworking should not only provide you with a safe and moderate place from which to work but also offer you a greater level of practicality and simplicity when working.

A lot of experts would give you thousands of list of features to check for when choosing a workbench. But if you want to make the right choice, especially for leatherworking, these are the three key features to look out for:

  • High-quality construction material
  • Storage facilities for your leatherworking items/tools
  • A large top that can handle different types of projects

If the workbench can meet these three requirements, it is a good pick and all other factors to consider remains secondary.

High-quality construction

The material used to construct the workbench is a significant factor to consider as it indicates the longevity of the product.

Normally, a workbench made of steel will be the best pick because they are sturdy and solid. However, they are not as ideal as once made of solid wood for leatherworking. Most Ideal workbenches are made of solid wood construction.

Storage Space for Tools

Why should it be called a workbench for leatherworking when it does not have storage space for your tools and items?

The workbench for leatherworking should provide storage space that allows you to easily access the items you need to work. This also helps in keeping your tools organized.

The availability of storage space is an important feature to look out for when it comes to buying a quality workbench for leatherworking.

As you have seen, some of the workbenches in this post are designed with shelves or enclosed cabinets, it helps you to store everything you need within easy reach.

Reasonable large workbench top

Lastly, you want to make sure that the quality workbench you have chosen has the type of top that is large enough to handle the leatherwork you will be carrying out.

It is advised to go for a capacity that is large enough to handle a range of different projects.

These are basically all the things you need to know about workbench, particularly for leatherworking when you are about to pick one.

Unlike stools and other leatherworking accessories, choosing a high-quality workbench is not enough; you want to make sure you are also choosing one that is ideal for YOU.


Among these best options that have been provided, My ultimate favorite remains the Durham HDWB-3660-177-95 Workbench that comes with a drawer.

It is a product I can recommend anytime, any day, and anywhere for leatherworking. Not only because it is easy to adjust but also that it is made with the best hardest material in the market, making it durable and long-lasting.

It also features a sturdy frame to withstand the vigor of leather works.

Yes, it is quite pricey than the others but definitely worth the price. Little wonder why a high-quality product is not all that extremely affordable

Leatherworking is such an exciting craft to go into. Even when you have all the necessary leatherworking tools, the presence of a durable workbench in your workshop is very important.

Thankfully, this post has been able to expose you to the best workbench for leatherworking.