7 Best Bean Bags for Safari Photography

As a Safari photographer, are you looking for the best bean bags for Safari photography for your projection as you explore your photography? Do not fret; all are covered in this post.

7 Top Bean Bags for Safari Photography

In a hurry to check the details? Here are my 5 best bean bags to check and buy.

Best bean Bag for Safari photography Features
Lenscoat camera bean bag Works well and easily mounts while photographing from a car.
Movo Camera Lens Bean Bag This bean bag will hold any super-telephoto lens when filled.
Rolandpro Bean bag Aerial photogrammetry Bean Bag
The Pod Bean Bag Suitable for compact cameras
Naturescapes bean bag Beanbag support for DSLR and video cameras

But first, some may wonder what a beanbag is. Well, a beanbag is a camera accessory used to support the camera and lens system. It usually comes without beans or stuffing, with only an empty bag would be delivered. You can fill it with rice, corn, or polystyrene beans.

Now, let’s take a deep dive into the details of the best bean bags for Safari photography.

Movo Camera Lens Bean Bag

Best Bean Bags for Safari Photography



  • Integrated detachable metal mounting plate with 3/8″ thread to mount gimbals & ball heads
  • For Irregular Surfaces such as Car Windows or Branches
  • “Deep Woods” Pattern; With Dimensions (LxWxH): 8.5″ x 6.5″ x 8″
  • Water-Resistant


  • Very simple to take along anywhere you go to
  • Excellent bag for taking camera shots from the car.
  • This bean bag will hold any super-telephoto lens when filled, Monster!
  • The straps and internal mount plate are great additions that increase the versatility.


  •  Stitching coming loose within two months and very few uses (Not all cases)
  • Fabric is light


  • Product Dimensions: 8.98 x 7.95 x 2.28 inches
  • Item Weight: 14.1 ounces
  • Item model number: THB01
  • Manufacturer: Movo

The Movo-Photo Camera beanbag is a handy holder to carry anywhere for your camera or camcorder. Our advanced camouflage pattern makes this bag perfect for finding a stable base when you’re out in the wild.

Designed for use with or without a built-in 3/8 “tripod or head mount. The Puf Movo Photo THB03 is designed for digital SLR cameras with lenses less than 800mm.

The unique U shape makes it precise for mounting on narrow or round surfaces like a car door, fence, or tree branch. The “U” interior is made with a high-grip surface that helps you maintain stability no matter where you set up.

The pouf has easy access, and a protected zipper removes the liner material in any situation. The bag’s interior is reinforced with a high-quality aluminum plate measuring 1/2 “, 3/8” screws – 16.

The plate is removable, enabling you to use the pouf as a traditional pouf and smooth bag holder.

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Rolanpro Pillow Photographic Bean Bag

Best Bean Bags for Safari Photography



  • Aerial photogrammetry Bean Bag
  • Windows with a telephoto lens pillow gun
  • This empty bag is open with a zipper
  • Nylon material


  • Light enough to carry when filled
  • Excellent finish and very well made.
  • The materials are environmentally pleasant and have no smell.
  • Very easy to put on the lens, plus it grips the lens very well.


  • Heavy enough to stay on the door
  • Zipper malfunction.


  • Brand: Rolanpro
  • Manufacturer: Rolanpro
  • Model: BB01
  • Has Package Dimensions of 22.1 x 11.18 x 4.32 cm; 100 Grams
  • Use: Lensx2, Lensx3, LENS
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Style: Triangle package
  • Type: Waterproof Bag
  • Model Number: WP
  • Material: Cotton Yarn

Pistol window for telephoto / aerial photogrammetry cushion Powder bag This empty bag is open in a zipper. In a way, the open position is hidden, and the zipper is covered with a protective pouch, preventing the zipper’s accidental opening.

Also, due to the larger size of full bags, and the stuffing can sometimes be considered a hint of contraband, empty bags are more suitable for overseas travel.

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LensCoat Camera Bean Bag Support

Best Bean Bags for Safari Photography



  • Heavy-duty water-resistant Codura
  • Detachable lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum mounting plate with 3/8″ -16 mounting screw for a gimbal or ball head
  • Non-slip grip fabric on the bottom (in the “U”)
  • 2 locking zippers for simple filling and emptying
  • Proudly made in the USA


  • Works well and easily mounts while photographing from a car.
  • Great size and quality
  • About 5lbs of Buckwheat Hulls pack it nicely


  • Package Dimensions: 7.5 x 6.5 x 7 inches
  • Item Weight: 9 ounces
  • Manufacturer: LensCoat

LensSack Pro Jr series, our U-shaped lens bag is with removable mounting plate. The mounting plate is made of a lightweight aluminum aircraft with a 3/8″ -16 mounting bolt that allows you to mount the PTO or ball joint.

The mounting plate can be removed, allowing LensSack Pro Jr. to use as a standard camera/lens platform for carrying bags. LensSack Pro Jr. offers outstanding stability for cameras with lenses up to 500mm.

Whether you’re shooting from the ground, fences, car doors, slippery surfaces, or safari vehicles, the LensSack Pro Jr. will provide a stable and reliable platform.

Our lens bags are made from the same heavyweight, waterproof Codura as our long bags and hood extension bags. The Lens Sack Pro detaches, and its two high-quality YKK zippers prevent leakage and allow you to add loads of your choice easily.

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The Pod Red Bean Bag for Compact Cameras



  •  Beanbag pole for compact cameras, advanced point and shoot cameras, camcorders, microphones, DSLRs with a short focal length lens, etc
  • Built-in 1/4″ camera mount


  • An excellent idea for you, well-made yet straightforward, and elementary to use and carry.
  • It’s also suitable for small camera video cameras, i.e., ideal for mobile phones.
  • It has a stable tripod you can pack and use anywhere.
  • Great for full-size cameras too.


  • A little on the small size for the lenses you want to use it with
  • The disadvantage of its tripod over a regular one is you can’t angle your camera for vertical photos.
  • Quite expensive


  • Package Dimensions: 6.9 x 4.9 x 1.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Item model number: Camera Platform
  • Manufacturer: The POD

Red Pod from Pod is an ottoman that serves as a camera platform for DSLR cameras with zoom lenses up to 200mm long. The red pod is made of strong nylon and filled with plastic bullets, removed and added to adapt the capsule to your camera/lens and a particular shot’s requirements.

The stable camera platform is excellent for shooting outdoors from unpredictable surfaces. The red floor has a 1/4 “-20 screw-on edge, which allows you to mount the camera with a zoom lens. The included adjustable strap can be threaded through the buckles on the capsule to secure the lens.

The 0.75kg bag is small and easy to carry with your daily gear, ready for any occasion to keep the camera in. The red capsule is closed with a strong Velcro closure that can be opened and closed as many times as needed.

You can replace the plastic granules with any other filling. With a green vinyl with a waterproof nylon bottom and cover, the Red Pod is suitable for use in rainy conditions and is strong enough that an adult can walk on it without causing harm.

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NatureScapes SkimmerSackII Bean Bag



  •  Beanbag support for DSLR and video cameras
  • Constructed of tough 500-denier Cordura nylon fabric
  • Inside fabric is made from rubber-like Toughtek.
  • Double-stitched seams for durability
  • Two-year warranty against flaws in materials and workmanship


  • Excellently stable for automobile-based Safari photography
  • Lightweight and perfect for shooting from a car.
  • It’s small but has excellent support for cameras.


  • Bad seams
  • The package comes with no filler


  • Package Dimensions: 8.1 x 6.5 x 1.4 inches
  • Item Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Item model number: 3216621696
  • Manufacturer: NatureScapes.Net

This SkimmerSack II is a stable “grain bag” holder for DSLRs and video cameras. It can be placed on a door, window, or top of a vehicle or simply placed on any stable surface.

It is as well explicitly designed to be used in conjunction with the Skimmer II ground module. Visit our website for usage photos and more information. Features SkimmerSack II has a compartment that is made of strong 500 denier Cordura nylon fabric.

The interior material is Toughtek, similar to rubber. The seams are double for added strength with nylon thread. On one end, there is a zipper opening, including a protective cover (so that the zipper doesn’t scratch your camera or vehicle).

There is a wrist strap at each end of the bag. The round tip is designed to hold the Skimmer II ground pod with a camera and lens on top. At the bottom of the bag, a pair of straps are attached to the door handles or a luggage rack in the vehicle.

Specifications Dimensions filled: 26 “high x 17 x 20 cm (10.25” x 6.7 “x 8”) Blank weight: 139 g (4.9 oz) Weight with polyethylene filling (includes bag weight ) 5.2 kg (11 lb 8 oz) Weight of stuffed buckwheat carcasses (includes bag weight): 1.3 kg (2 lb 13 oz)

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Kinesis SafariSack 4.2 (Khaki/No Fill)

best bean bags for safari photography



  • You are offered a choice of fill. Polyethylene beads are the most stable but more decadent than the buckwheat hulls. For lenses up to 200mm, the buckwheat is adequate.
  • The 4.2 features a side gusset, enabling a thicker volume of filler when in half saddlebag style.
  • The ends are slightly rounded for easier handling.
  • D-rings on the extremes for carrying over the shoulder with a shoulder strap (# Y215 is alterable, unpadded & 1″ / 25 mm wide).
  • With the sewn-in strap, it can be securely attached to the rack on the top of a Land Rover, which is regular on safari… or your mini-van or SUV! If you want a lengthier strap, get the # Y208.
  • You can add sand, water, or pebbles to use as a ballast to uphold a tripod or light stand in the wind. We recommend using an optional liner for sand (R107) or choosing the R425 SafariSack II for a more straightforward, less expensive ballast bag; use the R106 water bladder with it.


  • It works exceptionally and can handle uneven surfaces, and doesn’t take up a tripod’s space.
  • Build quality is good.
  • Ideal for those places where tripods are inappropriate.
  • It is one of the most functional pieces of photographic accessories you can purchase.
  • It’s a cheaper alternative.
  • It provides good stability.


  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 11.5 x 0.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.98 ounces
  • Department: unisex-adult (luggage only)
  • Manufacturer: Kinesis Photo Gear

Are we speaking of its design? This sturdy bean bag is used to hold a DSLR camera, mirror, or video camera in the vehicle, car window, chair, table, tree branch, fence post, or ground. It is swifter to use than a tripod.

The bag has a zipped compartment; fillers can be added, such as polyethylene balls, buckwheat husks, rice, beans, etc. no shirt is needed. *** Safari bags with polyethylene filling are HEAVY. Polyphill 4.2 weighs almost 6 kilograms, and 1.4 weighs 2 kilograms. Order buckwheat for a lighter bag.

It can be made use of in two ways: 1) camera mount or 2) ballast mode – hang on a tripod or light to stabilize it against the wind or use super-telephoto lenses. The support of the crowd is also within reach.

It is made with a combination of durable 400 and 420 denier ripstop nylon fabrics. Additionally, the bottom has a rubberized fabric that keeps the bag in place when placed on a vehicle or other slippery surface. It is double stitched and reinforced at the belt attachment points.

When traveling overseas, take the blank version and fill it locally with rice, beans, or birdseed. Then after check-in, empty the contents and go home with an empty compact bag.

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Grizzly Camera Bean Bag



  • Large-Black and Large Poly Bead Fill
  • Photography Bean Bag
  • Birding
  • Tripod
  • African Safari
  • Video Bean Bag, Camera Support
  • Camera Sandbag
  • Photography Tours.


  • It’s a fantastic product: high quality and just the right size for you.
  • The material is so sturdy for use on areas such as windows frame, tree branch, etc.
  • Easy to fill


  • Not At All Flexible; And You Still Have To Purchase The Beads
  • Tear Along Seem after 2 Weeks


  • Product Dimensions: 6 x1 x 8 inches
  • Item Weight: 5 ounces
  • ASIN: B08NLZZ9V2
  • Manufacturer: Wild Grizzly Products LLC

It’s a high-quality bean bag that’s empty, by the way! You need to buy 4 pounds of pinto beans and put them inside, which should work well.

You could put many suggestions inside, but we recommend pinto beans, aquarium pebbles, or any other type of packaging, like peanut packaging. Keep in mind that anything you put in the camera in the bag will affect its performance.

However, I still put this to the test when I think the investment is worth it. Highly recommend choosing this if you’re a serious photographer on the go and can’t always bring a tripod or take the time to set it up.

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Why you need a bean bag for Safari photography

You might wonder why you need a beanbag to photograph wildlife. Under certain conditions, we may not be able to use a tripod, so I prepared my Top Bean bag with the Safari photographer in mind. The bag is a handy accessory in such conditions.

Wildlife photography in Safari Vehicle

If you are photographing wildlife in a safari vehicle, you will not be able to place a tripod in the vehicle. You can set the tripod head on the vehicle grilles. But it would not be easy to move your head. Here, an ottoman is the best choice for a photographer.

Traveling Abroad for Wildlife Safari

When you go abroad to photograph wildlife, it is best to bring a bean bag with you. It is the best replacement for a tripod in this situation. By carrying an empty bean bag, you can also save a certain amount of luggage. You can later fill it with rice or any grain and turn the grains on your return.


Compared to tripods, a bean bag is a cost-effective and economical solution. You’ll get a good bean bag for $ 30 to $ 50. Quality tripods are expensive; tripod feet and heads will need to be purchased separately.

Better Picture Quality in Low Light Conditions

It has the same purpose as a tripod and ensures the camera and lens system’s stability. In this way, you can get better image sharpness compared to manual shooting. You can shoot blur-free images in low light.

Many companies produce bean bags. It is, therefore, a challenging job to choose the best among them. I will list things to check before buying and choosing a bean bag for wildlife photography.

Best Bean Bag for Safari Photography: Buyer’s Guide


This is an essential factor. Don’t buy shoddy products. Check what fabric the bag is made of. You should have a slight catch. Otherwise, your lens would slip out of position. If you buy cheap, you might end up repairing or changing it regularly. Make sure the zippers and velcro are of good quality.


Since you are buying it for wildlife or bird photography, make sure you buy it in soft colors like black, dull green, or brown. The best color option would be camouflage. I prefer camouflage paint because I use a camouflage lens layer on the camera lens. So it fits my team well.


It would be nice if the fabric were waterproof. I would keep it on the vehicle door. Thus, when it rains or it is dewy, the bag is wet if it is not waterproof. Later, because of the humidity, it may start to stink.

If stored with a camera, it can even cause fungal growth inside the camera and lens. Cleaning the cameras and lenses affected by fungus is an expensive operation that also affects the lens’s quality.

Weight balance

Don’t buy where you need to stuff a lot of beans or rice. It’s good for stability. However, it can be a burden to transport and install. You will also need more beans for the filling.

So, choose one that won’t get heavy or bulky. That way, it would be easy to use in the field. Never buy an ultralight; it will never serve a real purpose. Do not fill it with light materials. It will affect the stability of the camera and the lens system.

Pouf with mounting plate

There are premium ottomans that come with mounting plates. You can place the PTO head on this plate and attach the camera and photo lens. This will make it easier to move the camera system.

In my opinion, I do not recommend this option because it makes it more expensive and more complex. Could you keep it simple? Concentrate on image composition and photography.

The dimension of the flat top surface

The dimension of the flat surface at the top should be large enough to hold the larger lens. Some companies produce smaller lightweight bean bags for use with zoom telephoto lens holders. Therefore, always make sure that the flat surface is large enough.

Check online reviews

Before buying an ottoman, it is good to check out the online reviews of that model. This will give you a better idea. Sometimes the cheaper ones would be better than the high-quality ones.

So if you haven’t tried it yet, start using an ottoman for wildlife photography. You can see some differences in your photos. I have been using it for two years. Now, I prefer a beanbag for photographing wild animals from a vehicle. This is a big plus for my photographic trips.

Many companies produce personalized bean bags. So, if you are looking for the best-personalized gifts for a photographer, this is a good option.

Final thoughts

The camera bean bag is perhaps one of the cheapest and most valuable camera equipment you need for better Safari photos.

On any surface, the camera’s grain bags provide support and reduce camera shake. This allows you to use longer lenses and long exposures without a tripod.